How to stay in good energy and avoid negative energy

Stay focused on your self, your journey and think about having what you want and your enjoyment. Don’t think about: – People you don’t like – Places you don’t like – Negative memories – Negative expectations – Negative scenarios When you think about people that vibrate very low, you will

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The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is the practice of holding body postures and controlling breathing. The benefits of yoga are: – Increased flexibility of the body – Increased strength of the body – It tones your muscles – Increased balance of the body – Increased relaxation – Increased endorphins – It is a good

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Balancing priorities and taking the next step on your journey

Priorities are important because sometimes you need to have a foundation experience, before you can build other experiences on top of that one. For example you may need to: – Study a course before you work in a career – Go on dates before you have a relationship – Save

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Who is the most powerful healer in the world?

Who is the most powerful healer in the world? The most powerful healer for you is the one that will give you a high quality healing with the best results in the shortest amount of time. The right healer for you right now is a person that will heal you

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How to stop having nightmares

Step 1: Work through your fear, anger and sadness in your awake state during the day. Then they won’t need to be processed at night in your dreams. Have a Light Axis Healing Session to release you fear anger and sadness. Step 2: Be in a calm and relaxed state

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