Healing For People With Sleep Problems.

Healing For People With Sleep Problems. People with sleep problems, usually find it hard to get into deep sleep. Insomnia is a sleep issue. Insomnia means, you can’t sleep, when you want to sleep, for many days in a row. In some cases people can’t sleep at all, but in

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Current Prices For Healing Sessions and Psychic Readings

Current Prices For Healings and Readings: Current Prices Are: 2 Hour Healing = $200 AUD (Recommended Time Length. More Healing. Free Bonus 10 Minute Psychic Reading which is 3 questions only, and is optional. This is done at the end of the healing) 1 hour healing = $150 AUD (short

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Healing For People Who Are Stressed or Worried.

Healing For People Who Are Stressed or Worried. WORRYING. Worrying causes stress and anxiety. In general, it is better to be careful, and cautious and be prepared, and completely relaxed, rather than be worried. Most things that people worry about, are not worth worrying about. People who worry too much,

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Healing To Help You To Actualize More and Take More Action To Have What You Want

Being good at Actualizing your life, means being good at taking action and being good at doing what you set out to do, which helps you to have what you want. Some people are good at doing what they are thinking of doing. They are good at doing what they

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