Healer’s Perspective On The Bad People Who Cheat On Their Romantic Partners.

This blog post is my healing perspective on the Bad People Who Cheat on Their Romantic Partners. Hopefully you will learn and understand more about this negative human behaviour. This knowledge will increase your awareness. Awareness is power.

Why do some people cheat in their relationships? The answer is they Enjoy doing it. They enjoy being liars and hurting others. They are bad people.

Below are some signs that may indicate that someone is a cheater:

-They are very quiet and don’t speak much. This may indicate that they are hiding something from you, or they are afraid to speak too much because they know they will reveal too much when they speak.
-They spend time away from you by themselves. This could be for work, or for social reasons. They are probably dating someone else behind your back, regardless of the reason.
-People who continue to have regular communication with their ex-lovers and ex-wives and ex-husbands. People who continue to be very close to their exes. These people like to keep their options open and are probably still in love with their exes.
-People who flirt excessively, want to date many people, and they want many casual relationships that are not serious.
-They lock their mobile phone and you can’t see it.
-They are on online dating sites.
-They socialise with too many single people that they flirt with.

At the core, people have free will. Some people want a loyal monogamous relationship. Some people want a casual relationship with no commitment. So long as people are honest, then they can be good people.

People who cheat are bad people. They are rude liars. They can’t heal.

People who cheat:
-Enjoy lying to others
-Enjoy hurting others
-Enjoy being crazy
-Enjoy lying to themselves
-Don’t do what they say they will do
-Are not reliable
-Are not trustworthy
-Are never satisfied
-Are never happy
-Have really bad futures
-Are narcissistic and think they are better than others
-Enjoy power trips and emotionally manipulating others
-Create excuses to justify their wrong behaviour

Reasons why people think it is OK to cheat:

Some people who cheat on their romantic partners, did not receive emotional satisfaction from their parents when they grew up. This makes them feel that they have to find happiness in something outside themselves, and whatever they find is never enough. However this is just an excuse and lying to your partner and cheating is inexcusable.

There are levels of cheating, but even in its weakest form, it is still cheating. For example if a woman meets a man who is going to be engaged, and they flirt with each other, without kissing, that is still cheating. Cheating is any energy where 2 people who are in existing relationships, start intending to be with someone else. Keeping your options open is cheating,

Some individuals within relationships are dealing with difficult situations with their partners. For example some partners that have stopped giving them physical intimacy, or stopped talking to them completely for more than a month. Their partner may even be really sick in a hospital for years. These are not excuses to cheat.

The right thing to do is to separate first and then to have another relationship. This is the only path to good karma. The right thing to do is to have a complete legal divorce rather than just a separation. The right thing to do is to not live together anymore, rather than continuing to live together.

A good way to find out if your partner is cheating on you is to hire a cheap private investigator to find out. This process should be easy. Also you can check your partner’s phone message history. The private investigator can do this for you.

People who cheat have really bad futures.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help you to let go of the trauma and hurt that has been done to you by someone has cheated on you and betrayed you or lied to you.

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Written by Max Mancer – Light Axis Healing



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