Crystal Healing

Crystals are associated with Healing. They are rocks and they come from the Earth. Therefore they can help you to ground your energy. Anything that can help you to ground your energy, will also help you to manifest what you want physically into your experience. Crystals exist as part of your experience so they are intrinsically part of you. They are physical and they have a mental and spiritual component which means they can be used to help you to bring mental ideas in to the physical world. They have different qualities such as size, shape, colour, opacity and texture. Some groups of crystals have been programmed with certain abilities by human mass consciousness for over thousands of years. Some crystals have been programming us for thousands of years to elevate themselves in our consciousness.

Some crystals help with releasing negative energy, some help with bringing luck and bringing good energy.

It is good to be open to receive the gifts of crystal energy as it is truly powerful.

I also do Crystal Healing Sessions for clients. See the crystals healing page by clicking the following link:

I can guide you on which crystals to use for different purposes and How to use them and How to work with them to get the benefits from them. I have over 50 crystals that I use in my crystal healing sessions.

I hope that you have a Crystal Healing Session with me soon.

Written by Max Mancer – Light Axis Healing


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