Diamond of Light Axis Healing
2 Hour Crystal Healing Sessions

Crystals and gemstones have healing properties.
Specific crystals are can be used to:
– Release negative energy
– Block negative energy
– Increase good energy
– Heal your body
– Heal your mind
– Increase luck
– Help you to be visible and chosen
– Help you to manifest money
– Help you to manifest love
– Help you to manipulate time

*** You Will Only Discover The True Power of Crystals and the right ones to use and how to use them by having a Crystal Healing Session with Max Mancer.

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You can decide how you receive the healing. 1.Skype 2.Phone 3.Via Remote Healing (We Don’t Do In Person Sessions)
After you send payment, send an email with your request to and we will reply to you as soon as possible. Payment must be received prior to work commencing. No guaranteed results, no refunds. See our great testimonials. Thank you.


Crystal HealingClick to Purchase
2 Hour Crystal Healing Session = $150 AUD

This is a list of all the crystals that we use in the healing
1. Quartz
2. Strawberry Quartz
3. Snow quartz
4. Amethyst
5. Citrine
6. Amatrine
7. Fluorite
8. Rainbow fluorite
9. Opalite
10. Carnelian
11. Selenite
12. Agate
13. Sunstone
14. Kyanite
15. Jade
16. Aragonite
17. Blue Obsidian
18. Celestite
19. Hematite
20. Fuchsite
21. Opal (boulder)
22. Opal (black)
23. Sodalite
24. Moldavite
25. Angelite
26. Mica
27. Red coral
28. Ziosite
29. Anyolite
30. Desert Rose Gypsum
31. Oakenite
32. Hemimorphite
33. Sugilite
34. Topaz
35. Kunzite
36. Shattukite
37. Andean Pink Opal
38. Amber
39. Bismuth
40. Lepidolite
41. Pyrite
42. Ruby
43. Garnet
44. Labradorite
45. Lemurian seed crystal
46. Black Tourmaline
47. Green Obsidian
48. Aquamarine
49. Red Jasper
50. Unakite
51. Goldstone
52. Aventurine
53. Bornite
54. Blue Sandstone
55. Shungite
56. Healers Gold (Magnetite and Pyrite)
57. Tiger Iron
58. Rose Quartz
59. Titanium Aura
60. Blue Cat’s Eye

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