Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do any of your services “In Person”?
No. I don’t do any services “In Person”. All services are done remotely.
I do Healing Sessions On The Phone, On Skype and Via Remote Healing.
I do Psychic Readings On The Phone, On Skype, and Via Email.
I do Courses On Skype.
Phone Sessions are only available to people in the following 5 countries. Australia, USA, Canada, United Kingdom and New Zealand. I prefer Phone Sessions more than Skype, if you are in one of those 5 countries. PLEASE NOTE: If you were considering on getting a healing done “in person”, BUT you are open to the idea of a Phone Healing, then I would still suggest that you decide to have a Phone Healing with me Instead, as I believe that you will get better results. I also believe that Phone Healing is something you will try at some stage, so you might as well try it with me now today rather than later on. Chances are you will really enjoy it and benefit from it.

Why Don’t You Do Healing Sessions or Psychic Readings In Person?
Because I have seen clients get better results, when they do Phone Healings or Skype Healings, or Remote Healings, than if they come In Person. This is because, they are more relaxed and at ease in the comfort of their own home, which allows them to heal more. When people go to a healer’s clinic or house, their energy is defensive and constricted because they are getting to know the new environment and new person. This defensiveness blocks the healing. ALSO Phone Healings work just as well as “in person” healings. Remote healings work on the principle that all energy is connected. From its inception, Reiki was created with a “Distance Healing Symbol”, so that healings could be sent at a distance. Light Axis Healing can be sent Remotely. Remote Healing or Distance Healing has always existed and is very popular. In relation to Psychic Readings, it is also better to do a Phone Session than an In Person Session, because we are both focused only on the energy and NOT on external stimuli of the psychic room or table.

What Number of Healing Sessions will I need?
Do as many healings as possible, as often as possible, until your issue or concern goes away completely. You shouldn’t limit your healing journey to a specific number of healings. Please do at least 3-10 healing sessions, with the emphasis on reaching the 8th healing session. But just keep going until it is healed. (In most cases, One healing won’t be not enough, so please do more than one session.)

How often should I have a healing?
I recommend One Healing Session Per Week, or Two Healing Sessions Per Week, or One Healing Session Every 2 Days, leaving a day in between healing sessions to rest. I don’t recommend that you wait longer than 2 weeks to do your next healing session.

Will I experience any strange sensations during or after the healing session?
No. The healing session is a pleasant and gentle experience.

How long have you been doing this work?
I have done Healing Sessions and Psychic Readings Full Time for more than 15 years for thousands of people from all over the world.

How does the healing session work?
View the What We Do Section on this website for details of my 7 Light Axis Healing Techniques.
The first 4 Light Axis Healing Techniques are the smaller techniques, and they take up about 20 minutes of the 2 hour healing session approximately. The remaining 3 techniques are the longer techniques, that take up the remainder of the healing session. Basically, during the healing session, I am releasing negative beliefs, feelings and vibrations from your consciousness, mind, body, emotions and chakras, and I replace them with good beliefs, feelings and vibrations, so that you can feel happy and healthy and have what you want in your life. The healing occurs through my strong focused good intentions. (Another way of looking at this, is that you are already perfect joy and health, and I am helping to clear distortions to that joy, so that your joy and health can shine through as they are supposed to).

What is the difference between a psychic reading and a healing session?
A Healing Session will help to Heal your Emotional Issues, and Your Physical Issues. A Healing will improve your energy, and improve your future. It will remove negative stuff from your consciousness and bring in “good beliefs, feelings and vibrations” into your consciousness to replace the bad stuff that was cleared out. A healing session will help you to feel good and help you to have what you want in your life. This is the service that I recommend. I work mainly as a healer.
A Psychic Reading will read your future, based on where your consciousness is at right now. It is like a snapshot in time. A reading will help to confirm your intuitions. A reading won’t help you to feel better and heal you, because it is not a healing. A reading will only focus on the Truth about your future. The truth might be good or not so good, depending on many factors in your life, but in general, it is always good to know the truth about the situation you are in, so that you can make good decisions.

Which way of receiving the healing is better – Skype, Phone or Remote Healing?
They are all equal. They all work and are just as good as each other. Some people have to do Remote healings because they can’t talk, or are too tired, or have issues with answering analytical questions. Phone healing is my preferred method, but this is only available to people in the following 5 countries of Australia, USA, Canada, UK and NZ. Skype is also great so long as you have a good internet connection.

What Do I Need To Do to prepare for a healing session?
-For the healing, you must be in an undisturbed room by yourself. If you don’t have a room in your house, then you can also do it from a car, so long as you park in a safe quiet place in the shade.
-Drink some water before the healing session. This will keep you hydrated and grounded.
-Before the healing, you need to tell me what you want to heal, so that I can prepare for your healing session.

Should I do a Skype Session or Phone Session?
I Prefer Phone Sessions. Phone is good because you are focused only on the energy, and not on what you are seeing on a screen. Phone sessions are available to people in the following 5 countries. Australia, USA, Canada, UK and NZ. If you are in another country then you can do Skype.
I do Healing Sessions On The Phone, On Skype and Via Remote Healing.
I do Psychic Readings On The Phone, On Skype and Via Email.

What is a Remote Healing or Distance Healing?
A remote healing is also called a distance healing.
The 2 Hour Remote Distance Healing is a healing that I send you remotely. All that you have to do to receive it is to lie down and relax in an undisturbed room by yourself at the time that we choose for the healing. We don’t need to communicate during the healing. I send you an email at the beginning of the healing to let you know that it has started and I send you another email at the end of the healing to let you know that it has ended. At the end I will email you a document with all the negative energy layers that I released from you and the good energies that were brought in to you. I will also tell you what I felt and saw in your energy. I will also ask you if you saw any visions or received any sensations during the healing. I will also tell you any messages I received from your spirit guides for you. I keep my email program on throughout the healing just in case you need to communicate anything to me. The healing is sent to you a ball of healing energy that enters your body at the crown chakra at the top of the head, and the healing integrates into your mind, emotions and body instantly. People sometimes experience visions and sensations during the healing.

How Much Do Your Charge For Your Sessions?
The Current Prices Are On The Purchase Pages.
2 Hour Healing Session = $250 AUD
30 minute psychic reading = $111 AUD

What is your current availability like?
I have good availability. You will most likely get a your session done, on the day that you purchase. If I am really busy, then you will receive the session in the following 1-3 days after the purchase. After you purchase, you need to email me at gmbz17@hotmail.com, so that I can contact you. Then I will send you a list of my available times, Via Email, for today and the following days, and you can choose a time and email me back your choice, and then I send you a Booking Time Confirmation Email. It is a simple process. You can also call me on the Phone before you purchase to discuss my availability if you like. Sometimes this way is faster as I can sometimes give an Instant Session, right then and there.

What are your opening hours?
I work from 11AM – 11PM Sydney Australia Time, 7 days a week, every day of the year. I work on all public holidays.

What is the right way to purchase and contact you?
Just purchase a session on my website using the Buy Now buttons. They take you to a PayPal purchase screen. If you don’t have PayPal there is a guest checkout underneath the PayPal login screen. It says “Pay with Card”. You can click that and then pay with your credit card or savings card. Once it is processed I will get an email letting me know that you have purchased. If you Have Paypal, then just Pay with your PayPal. ALSO once you have purchased, please send me an email to gmbz17@hotmail.com and let me know that you have purchased, and supply your phone number, and I will then start communication with you, and I will send you a list of available times for a session. I will then book you in. I only book people in After they have paid.
Be aware that if you purchase from a different country/different time zone, then there might be a considerable DELAY because I might be asleep, or busy, so I will email you, as soon as I can, to send you a list of my available times.

Please Note:
There are no guaranteed results, no refunds, no discounts, no rescheduling of sessions and no recording of sessions.

Please Note:
Some people feel that they can acquire information about the healing sessions by reading the website and speaking to me, but the only way to Actually Acquire Information and Learn, is to Do a Healing Session and Experience It Yourself. So please purchase a healing session and do one and then you will see.

Please Note:
In relation to Psychic Readings, I don’t do General Readings. I work mainly based on your questions. So please have specific questions about what you know about. After the purchase please email through your Full Birth Name and Date of Birth and the Full Birth name and Date of Birth of anyone else that you are asking about. This is for astrology and numerology reasons. I will also ask you about your current situation.

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