The Importance of Patience

When you are impatient, you will feel desperate and become needy and insecure. That will create lack and block abundance. Impatience will also lead to blockages in trust, which will create barriers to allowing yourself to receive help from love and support. Impatience can make you feel alone and unloved and that it is hard to have what you want.

Patience is a feeling of calm and peace. It is a feeling of knowing that Love is your true family and true friend. Patience is a vibration of peace and trusting that you are having what you want, and having more than enough money, resources and the right people to have the experiences that you want.

Patience is the peace and trust that Love is actually helping you and supporting you right now and in the future. There is no need to stress or rush when you feel patience.

Patience will help you to speak in a calm way and deliver your message in a concise way. Patience will help you to slow down so that you can think and take actions with clarity and it helps you to live in the now. Patience will help you to learn new things and grow as a person so that you can be mature enough and ready enough to have the experiences that you want.

It is good to have everything that you want instantly now through patience rather than through stress and rushing.

If you are feeling impatient or desperate and insecure, then you should have a Light Axis Healing session to release those negative emotions right now. The healing will help you to feel patient, secure and easily have the experiences you want through being calm and peaceful right now.

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Written by Max Mancer – Light Axis Healing



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