The law of vibration is simple to explain, but harder to understand in real life. It is related to the law of attraction. Here is the secret.

The law of vibration is that you attract energies and people that are on your vibration. If you feel good, then you will attract more things, experiences and people that make you feel good. If you feel bad, then you will attract more things, experiences and people that make you feel bad.

In our physical day to day lives, this law needs one more layer of understanding. For example, you can be feeling good and expecting the best to happen, but it doesn’t seem like it is actually happening in your physical experience. There may be something that you need to change, or a blockage that you need to remove, before that good energy can flow to give you what you want. In other words even though you feel that you are vibrating at the level of feeling good and having what you want, you might actually be vibrating at the level of being stuck and blocked.

Your chakras may need to purge of unwanted fear, anger, sadness and hurt and your body may need to purge of toxins, neediness, attachments and addictions. The mind may need to purge of overthinking and being too controlling so it doesn’t get in the way of intentions and having. The spirit may need to purge blockages within the intuition and you may need to spend time by yourself in nature to re-align with yourself. You may need to do all these things to release energy blockages before it is really safe and OK for you to have what you want.

For example if you are feeling “hurt”, then your spirit will block you from having experiences because it knows that you will experience hurt and it doesn’t want that for you, so it won’t let you have what you want until you clear that blockage of the vibration of hurt and you start vibrating at the level of safety and being pleased and in pleasure. Then you are safe to experience “having what you want” because you won’t get “hurt”. Most people need a lot of healing to help them release difficult blockages. That is one area where Light Axis Healing can help you.

You can remove these energy blocks easily with a Light Axis Healing Session using the most powerful healing techniques so that you can be totally certain that you are in the right vibration to have what you want. Namaste.

Written by Max Mancer – Light Axis Healing


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