What are Ghosts?

Ghosts are a type of entity. An entity is either a non physical being or a temporary mental energy construct that enjoys negative energy and devolving. They live on the astral plane, also known as the lower mental plane. It is from there that they deal with the experiences that

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The Importance of Thankfulness

When we are genuinely thankful: 1. We allow ourselves to enjoy the experiences we are having in the present more. We stay more in the joy of now. 2. We have good expectations and we feel good. 3. We celebrate more. 4. We have what we want and we enjoy

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Dream Journals

Dreams can mean so many different things. Sometimes they mean nothing at all and other times they are prophetic in nature and mean everything to us. It is good to keep a dream journal. A dream journal is a notebook you keep near you bed at night, in which you

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What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual Healing is the use of life force energy through the focused intention of the healer, to create an improvement in the physical body, the mind or the spirit of the recipient. Spiritual Healing is also known as Alternative medicine or complementary therapies. It complements western medicine. Healing can help

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Everything simplifies down to energy. A brick is energy, a cell is energy, a wad of cash is energy, a soul is energy. With this knowledge it becomes easier to develop strategies for manifesting more of what you want, because it is energy as well. A light axis healing can

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Perspective on God

Being a healer, I have noticed that there are many perspectives on God out there. Some people will call God “God”, others call God “the Creator”. Some believe that God is a being outside of yourself and others that God is within or that they are God. All these perspectives are right

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Inner Journeys – Spiritual Growth

In my 15 years of healing experience, I have noticed that many people have left their spiritual growth almost completely and become egoic mechanistic (materialistic) people. This leads to sickness and sadness. Through healing they can become aware of their need for spiritual growth and the need to recognise themselves as a

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