What Can Light Axis Healing Help You With?

Light Axis Healing will help you to heal and resolve all your emotional, mental and physical problems, issues, conditions, traumas, illnesses and diseases. It will help to heal every aspect of your life within a short space of time. The blissful effects of a Light Axis Healing Session will last your whole lifetime. It will improve your health and increase the enjoyment of all your experiences. It will help you to achieve any physical goal. It will rapidly release what you don’t want from your life and it will bring everything that you want into your life, naturally, instantly and easily now.

Light Axis Healing Can Help You To:

  1. Heal any condition, trauma, illness or disease.
  2. Heal chronic pain and suffering.
  3. Heal Stress and Worrying.
  4. Release Depression, addiction and weight issues.
  5. Release Addiction to smoking or alcohol.
  6. Release Anxiety, phobias and bad habits.
  7. Release negative energy from your body, mind and feelings.
  8. Accentuate your good energy and your good qualities.
  9. Be and express your true self.
  10. Recognise what your purpose is.
  11. Have goals and achieve them.
  12. Be loved, happy, healthy, secure, safe, certain, successful and satisfied.
  13. Be abundant in terms of love, happiness, health, enjoyment and money.
  14. Be healthy in body, feelings and mind.
  15. Manifest and have what you want.
  16. Have the experiences and results you want.
  17. Grow spiritually and evolve.
  18. Increase your intuition and awareness.
  19. Improve your memory, focus and clarity.
  20. Release negative cords, hooks and others from your life.
  21. Bring in the others that are good for you into your life.
  22. Restore youthfulness, beauty and vitality.
  23. Increase motivation and energy levels.
  24. Enjoy the journey more.
  25. Stay in the here and now.
  26. Reprogram your subconscious mind.
  27. Create the reality that you want and enjoy.
  28. Learn the best techniques and ways to heal yourself.
  29. Heal Irrational Panic.
  30. Build Self Confidence.
  31. Socialise More and Attract the Right Partner.
  32. Resolve issues pertaining to Sex, Sexuality and Sex Addiction.
  33. Heal anything that you are oversensitive to, or overreact to.
  34. Intuitive advice for changing careers, decision making and coping with change.
  35. Improve your Business: Attract the kind of clients that you want and the quantity you want.
  36. Improve your Business: Make difficult and stressful business decisions, easily with better intuition.

What is the price of a healing session, psychic reading or course?

Go to the “Purchase” menu at the top of any page on this website and select Healing Sessions, Psychic Readings, Healing Books or Healing Courses to see our current prices.

Psychic Readings

Accurate and Genuine Psychic Readings that will give you answers to your questions about your Future, Love, Finances and Travel. You will receive guidance on which path to take to have the future that you want. Max Mancer is the psychic reader. He has Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Empathy, Direct Knowing and he can Speak to your Guides. He has over 15 years of satisfied psychic reading clients. He works from Sydney Australia. International clients can receive the psychic reading via Email or Skype. Email is preferred. We Do 15 Minute and 30 Minute Psychic Readings. The 15 Minute Reading is a short reading, in which you can ask 1 or 2 questions only. The 30 Minute Reading allows you to ask as many questions as you want within the 30 Minute Time Frame and we will answer as many questions as we can within the time limit. We recommend that you ask the specific questions that you really want answered so that we can use our intuition to help you to know more.

Healing Sessions

Healing Sessions are done On Skype or On the Phone or Via Remote Healing. Max Mancer works from Sydney Australia. We Don’t Do In Person Healing Sessions. We Do 1 Hour and 2 Hour Healing Sessions. We Recommend the 2 Hour Healing Session as it gives us more time to heal everything for you. Whenever you purchase a 2 Hour Healing Session, you will receive a Free Bonus 10 Minute Psychic Reading that is 3 questions only, and is done at the end of the healing. This reading is optional. You won’t receive a Free Bonus Psychic Reading, if you purchase a 1 Hour Healing Session.

To Learn More About Receiving Healing Sessions Via Skype, Via Phone and Via Remote Healing/Distance Healing, please view this Information Page to help you to understand this: https://www.lightaxishealing.com/receving-healings-skype-phone-remotely

Light Axis Healing is the best choice for people looking for a more holistic and effective approach to healing therapy and spiritual evolution. It is also an effective alternative to psychotherapy or counselling. See our testimonials to see some of our great results.

How it works

Light Axis Healing helps to heal both emotional and physical disease and trauma in the human body. It can also help to release emotional and mental blocks to manifesting what you want. It can help you to have more of what you want and be more successful in your life. It can help you feel unconditional happiness naturally. A single session by itself is enough to clear years and years of negative energy and accumulated trauma.

This is done by finding the source of the problem in the client’s mind/body/energy and then releasing it and allowing the healthy belief and feeling to emerge and express itself. Part of this process is psychic and spiritual and part of it is analytical. Clients are supported and assisted in the process of getting to the origin of their issue. Once this origin has been recognised and released, a healing takes place. There are however, other effective methods that are used within a Light Axis Healing session, to heal our clients. There are 7 highly advanced energy healing techniques that have been developed and refined within Light Axis Healing. Healing takes place on all levels of a person’s consciousness. Spiritual healing works.

Below are the 7 techniques used in Light Axis Healing.

The 7 Light Axis Healing Techniques:

1. The Body Scan Technique
The body is scanned intuitively from the top of the head down to the feet. The physical body and subtle energy body of meridians and chakras is scanned intuitively for any negative energy blockages. Sometimes there are blockages present that a person is not aware of. These blockages are then released intuitively. This is a visualisation technique. It involves the use of sacred geometry as well.

2. The Oneness and Equality Technique
This technique connects the client to the good energy axis lines of the Earth and Universe. It helps them connect to their soul purpose, or what they came to Earth to do in this lifetime. This Technique connects people to who they truly are. This allows the self to heal more.

3. The Akashic Record Technique
This technique looks into the soul theme of a person. It heals issues from past lives and brings in good aspects from future lives to have the happiest possible experience in this present life. It helps people see where they came from and where they are going. Some people completely lose their sense of their purpose and live life going through the motions but not feeling they have direction or reason to do anything. They have lost sight of their own plan in life. This technique connects them back to their soul theme, and puts them on track again. You get to see into past lives and the future in this life and future lives.

4. The DNA Activation Technique
This technique involves the activation of strands of a person’s DNA. These are metaphysical strands that when present, help us to evolve spiritually. Sometimes a person needs to evolve spiritually to be happy and be where they want to be in life. Activating your DNA will help you to absorb and hold onto a healing more. It will make you more psychic and allow you to use your spiritual senses and intuition more.

5. The Regression Technique
This Technique releases negative emotions that are held within memories of negative experiences. Sometimes all that a person needs to heal is to release the “weight” of stored negative emotions from past memories. After the healing, the person can remember a memory without needing to relive the emotion. This is done on some clients, and with much care, to avoid re-traumatising.

6. The Trauma Technique.
This technique heals any trauma in a person’s energy. It heals belief systems, feelings, gut instincts and actions of a person intuitively and energetically. This allows for the healthy flow of energy to be re- established. It releases the negative reasons for having a problem and releases any possible benefits or secondary gains of having that problem as well. When the negative root cause or reason is discovered, a person gains awareness and power over their situation. Then a healing takes place.

7. The Delta Technique
This technique uses affirmations and subliminal healing techniques that are used in the awake and sleep states. It is extremely powerful and effective at getting the conscious mind to work with the subconscious mind to give you the healing results that you want in the physical world.

Light Axis Healing can help to heal any form of illness or disease. It is non-invasive and a joyful experience for the client. The best way to understand it better is to have a healing session yourself. Light Axis Healing is not a religion or cult or franchise and is not affiliated with any religion. Any person of any religion or nationality can benefit from this form of healing. It is a natural therapy.

Legal Disclaimer.
Light Axis Healing is not a replacement or substitute for medical care or psychological treatment. It is a complementary natural energy therapy. It does not medically diagnose illness or prescribe treatments for illness.

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