Call: Max Mancer
Phone: 0403 921 752
International Phone: Int’l Country Code +61 403 921 752

Working from Sydney Australia.
We have many international clients.

Healing Sessions can be done: On Skype, On The Phone or Via Remote Distance Healing
*** Skype Healings and Remote Healings are available to people anywhere in the world.
*** Phone Healings are only available to people in the list of 5 countries below.

Psychic Readings can be done: Via Email, On Skype or On The Phone

*** Email Readings and Skype Readings are available to people anywhere in the world.
*** Phone Readings are only available to people in the list of 5 countries below.

List of 5 Countries for Phone Sessions

Phone Healings and Phone Psychic Readings are ONLY AVAILABLE to people in the following List of 5 Countries:
1. Australia
2. USA
3. Canada
4. United Kingdom
5. New Zealand
(Max is happy to call your cell phone/mobile phone or landline phone for your session – so please include your phone number in your email after you purchase your session.)

To learn more about Receving Healings Via Skype, Phone and Via Remote Healing, please read our info page:

We Don’t Do Sessions In Person. We Work Remotely.
We Don’t Give Permission for Recording of Sessions.

International clients please email us for details about sessions and Skype info. Thank you.

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To Book A Healing Session, Psychic Reading or Course:
Contact: Max Mancer
Phone: 0403 921 752
International Phone: Int'l Country Code +61 403 921 752

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