Healing For Anxiety and Stress.

Healing For Anxiety and Stress.

Healing For Anxiety and Stress

People can become anxious for many reasons. Sometimes anxiety is rational and other times it is irrational. Both kinds of anxiety can be healed.

People tend to experience anxiety and stress in the following scenarios:
– When working
– When performing in front of others
– Speaking in front of others
– Feeling Overwhelmed
– Feeling Threatened
– Feeling Fears and Phobias
– Not coping well
– Having Difficulty with anything
– Having Difficulty with resolving a particular situation
– Coping with changes in personal relationships
– Coping with loss of friends and family
– Coping with big changes
– Confronting fears
– Social anxiety
– Exams and tests
– Driving, flying
– Medical Procedures

Anxiety and stress will limit normal functioning of your body and mind. Extreme anxiety can lead to panic attacks, and physical issues.

Panic attacks are usually caused because a person’s energy becomes ungrounded. During a panic attack a person can become dizzy and light headed. They can feel hot and cold. They can feel their heart racing and have blood pressure issues. They might also feel trembling. They may also get strange sensations that are unique to them.

Panic attacks are bad and a healing can help to stop them from happening.

Physical Issues Caused by Stress can be things like headaches, increased blood pressure, heart problems and breathing difficulties. People who are too stressed can have strokes, or their immune system may decrease, making them more susceptible to disease. People who are really stressed can also have nervous breakdowns.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help you to release all your anxiety and stress, so that you can feel peaceful, relaxed and at ease. This will make you happier and it will make your body and mind healthier as well.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help to heal your past, present and future.

Written by Max Mancer – From Light Axis Healing
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