How not to attach to the results you are seeing

How not to attach to the results you are seeing

When we are working towards achieving a goal, sometimes we can see good results or bad results. We can see numbers, figures and statistics fluctuate in a good direction or in a negative direction.

Don’t attach to the results you are seeing.

Don’t let the results you see, have any effect on your focus or intentions. Don’t let bad results disappoint you too much, to the point where you give up. Don’t let good results go to your head and make you become complacent and make you rest on your laurels.

You need to have:
Unconditional focus
Unconditional certainty
Unconditional perseverance

These unconditional beliefs and feelings will guarantee your success at having what you want. If you break down and lose certainty every time there is an obstacle or a bad result, then you won’t persevere long enough to succeed. It is important to recognise that what you are seeing now is part of the process of success and to enjoy where this step is leading you.

Also remain flexible so that you can change your plans, thoughts and actions to adapt to changing environments and experiences.

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Written by Max Mancer – From Light Axis Healing
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