Attachment is when you need something to have something else. For example needing to see something happen before you believe in it. You actually need to believe in it before you see it, so when you are attached to seeing the result, then you are blocking the energy.

Sometimes people don’t believe in themselves because they have too much attachment. They don’t trust, they are desperate, impatient and fearful.

People attach to all kinds of things.

They attach to others and what others say or do.

They attach to needing to work in the wrong career to survive and have money.

They attach to needing a specific material possession to have love.

They attach to money for any reason.

They attach to needing to be like others and the mass consciousness to belong and be accepted.

They attach to what they are used to doing.

They attach to the human condition.

They attach to addictions like drugs, smoking and alcohol for happiness.

Attachments are like bad habits and addictions. They can be hard to release. The best way to release attachments is to do the Light Axis Healing Course, which will give you the tools to release your own attachments.

Written be Max Mancer – Light Axis Healing


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