The Benefits of Optimism and the Detrimental Effects of Pessimism

The Benefits of Optimism and the Detrimental Effects of Pessimism

The Benefits of Optimism and the Detrimental Effects of Pessimism


Pessimism is associated with negative expectations and expecting the worst. Pessimism is the opposite of optimism.

Pessimism creates a cloud of negative energy. From that negative cloud comes negative expectation and a lack of good expectation. It creates negative perspectives and negative thoughts and feelings. Pessimism creates stagnation and decreases in enjoyment. Pessimism creates tiredness for no reason and saps and drains energy. Pessimism makes people not want to think the right things and not want to do the right things, to have what they want to be happy. Extreme pessimism makes people resist knowing their own happiness and love. Pessimism makes people not do what they want to do and not have what they want to have. Pessimism creates procrastination which means that time is wasted, waiting around and time is not spent actualising small and large experiences. It creates wanting to do things and not wanting to do things at the same time which leads to confusion and inaction. The inaction creates missed opportunities and running out of time to enjoy things now. It leads to feeling unsatisfied and incomplete. In other words, pessimism creates a lot of sadness.

Negative expectations can thwart our progress in life, or slow down our achievement levels so that we feel that not enough good is happening right now.


Optimism is associated with good expectations and being motivated and enthusiastic to do what needs to be done so that you can have what you want.

The source of optimism is the vibration of happiness.

Optimism will create a cloud of good energy. That cloud of good energy will create good expectations and good intentions and good perspectives. The good intentions will help you to stay focused on having the right energies, times, places and people in your experience so that you can have what you want now. Optimism can bend time and space, so that you can have what you want now even if you think time is running out. Optimism will guide you to the right time with the right people so that you can actually and effectively have what you want. Optimism will reward you with good benefits, gifts and opportunities. Optimism will help you to feel happy, satisfied and complete. Optimism will help you to know that having what you want in every aspect of your life is actually easy. Optimism will help you to experience the total joy of every moment right now.

However it is important to choose to put yourself in the right place with the right people. Wrong environments will always be detrimental. Do not put yourself in a situation where you are judged by others. Optimism will be totally wasted in the wrong environment with the wrong people as you won’t be able to have good experiences there and thus you need to continue to choose the right environments to be in, to maintain your optimism.

Optimism and expecting the best is the key to a healthy attitude to all situations and experiences. It will keep you calm enough to trust that everything is going to be OK.

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