HEALING SESSIONS – Heal Your Body, Emotions and Mind

1 Hour and 2 Hour Healing Sessions

Every healing client has been happy with the results of their Light Axis Healing Sessions. Max Mancer does the healing sessions. He works from Sydney Australia. He has many International Clients from all over the world. He has great testimonials.

*** WE ARE AVAILABLE TODAY to give you a Healing Session On Skype or Via Remote Healing from anywhere in the world. We are available to give you a Phone Healing if you are in Australia, USA, Canada, UK or NZ. We Don’t Do In Person Sessions. Pay First on this page and then email us. For a Skype Healing Session, the Skype name is maxmancer. Send us your Skype name via email after you have paid.

Purchase Now with PayPal. Click on the PayPal button and you can choose to pay with most credit cards and debit cards. You don’t need to create a PayPal Account. If PayPal doesn’t work, then please Pay Using the Stripe Pay option, which also allows you to pay with most credit cards and debit cards.

Light Axis Healing Payment Options
You can decide how you receive the healing. 1.Skype 2.Phone 3.Via Remote Healing
After you send payment, send an email with your request to gmbz17@hotmail.com and we will reply to you as soon as possible. Payment must be received prior to work commencing. No guaranteed results, no refunds, no discounts, no rescheduling of appointments, no recording of sessions. See our great testimonials.

If you want to receive the healing session via the Remote Healing Option, then this is only a 2 Hour Healing Session. So then please purchase the 2 Hour Healing. If you want to receive the healing On The Phone or On Skype, then Both the 1 hour and 2 Hour Healing options are available to you.

We recommend that you purchase the 2 Hour Healing Session because more healing can occur in that time. When you purchase a 2 Hour Healing Session, you will receive a Free Bonus 10 minute psychic reading that is done at the end of the healing, which is 3 questions only, and is optional. You will not receive a free bonus psychic reading when you purchase a 1 hour healing.

Please start by doing 1-3 Two Hour Healing Sessions. Just doing one healing session can be enough. However, some people have a lot of stuff to clear. We recommend that you do 3-10 Two Hour Healing Sessions, to complete your healing process. Healing sessions should be done as often as possible. You can do a healing session every day, or every 2 days or twice a week or once a week or every 2 weeks. We don’t recommend that you wait for more than 2 weeks to do your next healing session, as you may lose healing momentum.

If you want to purchase a healing session for ANOTHER PERSON, then please tell Max about that FIRST, before purchasing, as he may or may not be able to do that. It depends on the situation.


Healing SessionsClick to Purchase
2 Hour Healing Session = $200 AUD
(Recommended time length. More Healing.)

1 hour healing session = $150 AUD
(short healing. no free bonus reading)



Healing SessionsClick to Purchase - With Stripe Pay
2 Hour Healing Session = $200 AUD
(Recommended time length. More Healing.)
1 hour healing session = $150 AUD
(short healing. no free bonus reading)

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To Book A Healing Session, Psychic Reading or Course:
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Email: gmbz17@hotmail.com
Phone: 0403 921 752
International Phone: Int’l Country Code +61 403 921 752

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