Communicating With Others as a Form of Healing.

It can be very healing to talk to another person and tell them everything about what is happening in your situation. It can also be healing to communicate via writing or via email with another person.

I work as a psychic reader and healer. Some of my clients really want to talk a lot about what is happening to them. I totally understand and recognise that it is important to have someone that will actually listen deeply to you.

Sometimes people just need a confidant, or someone who is there to listen and understand their situation.

There are many reasons why talking to someone who is unbiased and someone who you don’t know that well, can actually be really Healing.

Sometimes people feel really isolated or alone and speaking to another person can release all their inner pressure.

People who can heal through talking to someone – can be in the following situations:
– They are isolated because they live in a remote area.
– They are isolated because they are new to a place and they don’t know any people there.
– They are isolated because of poor social skills.
– They are isolated because they are old and live by themselves.
– They are isolated because of what they are going through in their life. For example there might be a man that is married to a woman, and he might be in the process of coming out as gay, and he might feel alone, even though he is around his current family.
– They could have a psychological problem that makes them feel alone even though they are with others.
– A person could also be dealing with difficult personal issues that they feel they can’t talk to their friends and family about.

Regardless of the reason, sometimes it can be good to have a psychic reading or a healing session, where you can just talk, and where you can get things off your chest and bounce your ideas and thoughts about your own life, against someone who is a healer or psychic reader, because you will feel better when you get things off your chest. You will feel better when you express what you are truly feeling to someone else who you don’t know so well, and someone who is unbiased and non-judgemental.

A Light Axis Healing Session is the perfect place for you to talk about what you are going through and to get things off your chest. It will help you to feel better and help you to heal.

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Written by Max Mancer – Light Axis Healing


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