Good Reasons to do the 4 Light Axis Healing Courses.

There are 4 Light Axis Healing Courses. They are designed to teach you how to heal yourself and others. The Courses are taught On Skype only and not In Person. Each course is 2 days long. Each day is 6 hours of course time, with a 1 hour break after the first 3 hours. You need to have done at least 1 healing session first before purchasing and doing the courses. This is so that I can see if the course is right for you and so that you can see how I work before deciding to do the courses. If you decide to do the courses, then you should do all 4. Most people that do the courses are doing them only to learn how to heal themselves only and not on others.

The are many reasons why I feel that you should do the courses:
-It can make you feel more empowered and self reliant.
-You can do as much healing on yourself as you want, whenever you want.
-It can end up being a lot cheaper for you. For example you could spend a couple of days doing many healings on yourself in a row, and you don’t have to purchase them from a healer.
-You will gain the ability to do healings on yourself in real time when you are actually experiencing something negative.
-The courses will elevate your vibration which will help you to stay healthy and help you to heal more.
-The subject matter of your particular condition or disease may cause you to feel embarrassed to talk about it a lot with a healer. So once you do the courses, you can do deep healings on yourself, because you are more comfortable and honest with yourself than with any healer.

Please Note:
-Not everyone is suitable for the courses. This is why you have to purchase and do one healing with me before doing the courses. It is a selective process.
-Some people prefer to purchase and receive many individual healing sessions from me, instead of doing the courses, because they prefer to benefit from my expertise instead. This is also fine.

The 4 Light Axis Healing Courses can help you to heal your body, mind and spirit.

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Written by Max Mancer – Light Axis Healing


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