Healing For People With Sleep Problems.

Healing For People With Sleep Problems.

People with sleep problems, usually find it hard to get into deep sleep.

Insomnia is a sleep issue. Insomnia means, you can’t sleep, when you want to sleep, for many days in a row. In some cases people can’t sleep at all, but in most cases it usually means, very bad sleeping patterns, that prevent normal sleep.

Normal sleep = 8 Hours of undisturbed deep sleep in the night time, and then waking up feeling refreshed and re-energised.

A healing can help to improve bad sleep patterns.

Below are some causes of bad sleep patterns and insomnia:
1.Overworking the body and mind, which leads to burning out and fatigue and “not being able to sleep”.
2.Nervous breakdowns or mental breakdowns, which can occur because of trauma, or overworking or loss, or injury. Weirdly, insomnia can lead to nervous breakdowns, which can lead to more insomnia.
3.Anxiety and stress can lead to sleep issues. Weirdly, anxiety and stress can come from insomnia, which then leads to more insomnia.
4.Eating late at night can prevent sleep. For example. Eating dinner at 10pm and then going to sleep at 11pm is not good, because the body will tend to feel a surge of energy and heat after eating, and this will keep you awake.
5.Doing exercise such as aerobic exercise, or weight lifting late at night, might prevent you from sleeping at the body will heat up and expand and sweat after exercise, even after you have had a shower to cool off.
6.Injuries as a result of exercise or trauma, may cause sleep issues. For example, if you do weight lifting, you may have soreness in your neck and back, which may cause pain or sweating or headaches, and this will prevent sleep.
8.Doing any kind of activity that puts yourself on the line, in front of others, can cause sleep problems.
9.Environmental temperature and humidity. The body prefers cool and dry temperatures when sleeping.
10.Pillows. Try different height pillows and different softness levels. Avoid latex filled pillows as they smell.
11.Unwashed body. Sweat and not having a shower can lead to feelings of feeling itchy or sick, and this can lead to sleep issues.
12.Overthinking at the time of sleep.
13.Any emotional trauma.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help you to clear negative energies from your mind and consciousness. That will allow you to stop overthinking and help you to feel calm and help you to experience 8 hours of undisturbed deep sleep.

Written by Max Mancer – From Light Axis Healing
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