Healing For Depression and Sadness.

Depression and sadness are a huge problem in modern societies. This is because materialistic and consumeristic mentalities and culture, teaches people that they need to find happiness outside themselves. It teaches that things, people and experiences are the source of your happiness. This is wrong. The individual is the source of their own happiness. An individual can only ever find happiness within themselves.

Natural Sadness occurs when people lose a friend or a loved one. This is normal. This kind of mourning sadness can become a problem if people don’t let it go after a couple of months. A healing can help to release this sadness of mourning.

Sadness and depression is created as a result of people doing the following things:
-Seeing money as the source of their happiness.
-Seeing others as the source of their happiness.
-Seeing a material object as the source of their happiness.
-Seeing an experience as the source of their happiness.
-Seeing a destination experience or end result as the source of their happiness.
-Being negative, pessimistic.
-Being a perfectionist, putting too much pressure on themselves and being hard on themselves.
-Having a sickness or disability and allowing it to control their thoughts and feelings in a negative way.
-Having negative perspectives.
-Having negative behavioural traits that they can’t see objectively, that alienate others, and lead to feeling alone.
-Overreacting to experiences in a way where they feel that they give up on life, every time that they have any kind of disappointing experience. For example feeling excessively depressed because someone they are dating rejects them.
-Allowing self to feel overwhelmed.
-Working in the wrong job or career for a long time.
-Taking on too much responsibility and feeling worn out.
-Setting the difficulty level too high in life.
-Having anxiety, worries and panic attacks.

Sadness can make people shut down and retreat into a shell. This is bad.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help you to let go of depression, effectively and completely so that you be 100% happy and have experiences that are a reflection of your happiness.

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Written by Max Mancer – Light Axis Healing


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