Letting Go of Desperation and Impatience

Sometimes people are in a situation where they are waiting for something good to happen to them. This can lead to desperation and impatience.

Below are some examples:
-A person might be waiting for the right job to appear so they can apply for it.
-A person might be waiting for their true soulmate to appear so they can be with them.
-A person might be waiting to hear from someone that they want to communicate more often with.
-A person might live in an isolated town, and they are desperate to communicate with more people.
-A person might compare themselves to others and be desperate to have experiences that other people have already had.

The list goes on.

When a person is Desperate, sometimes they will do the following things
-Try Hard
-Be impatient
-Rush Into Things
-Get Angry
-Not be Thankful
-Block Their Own Path Forward
-Sabotage Their Own Path Forward
-Blame Others

A Light Axis Healing Session can help you to relax in front of life, so that you can enjoy the journey and process of achieving your goals, without feeling overwhelmed by stress.

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Written by Max Mancer – Light Axis Healing


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