The Difference between Duality and Polarity.

The Difference between Duality and Polarity.

The Difference between Duality and Polarity.

Polarity is a word that describes that there are 2 poles to many things. For example:
Hot – Cold
Rich – Poor
Short – Tall
Day – Night
Confusion – Clarity
Pain – Pleasure

Polarity can be useful to understand, because it can help you to measure how much you have healed and improved by seeing where you are on the spectrum of sickness-health.

Duality, in my opinion, is a negative energy. Duality is when you feel that you need to have negative experiences before you can have good experiences. It can also be that you think that you feel more enjoyment when you experience the contrast of experiencing something good right after you experience something bad. In other words, duality is a negative energy, because it will make you have negative experiences. Some people recognise that they always seem to experience some kind of failure or loss, right about the time when they are having the most success. This is because they have Duality.

Sometimes people learn duality from the things that their parents have said in the past. They might have said “In life you take the bad with the good”, or “you have to experience the bad things, and then you experience the good things”.

The opposite of duality is oneness. You can actually have good experiences without having bad ones. This is oneness. Duality is a perspective that only exists when you believe that good energy and negative energy are separate. All energy is good and one, it is just that some energy has dimmed itself down and vibrates at a lower level and is labelled as negative. You can exist in the oneness of good energy without needing the duality of good plus negative energy.

A Light Axis Healing Session can release duality from your mind and bring in the oneness so that you will only have good experiences, without needing to have negative ones as well.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help to heal your past, present and future.

Written by Max Mancer – From Light Axis Healing
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