How to Have What You Want Easily Now

Most people are conditioned by society, parents and school, to receive and have in a difficult way.

For example, they might believe that they need to:
– Struggle to have a certain amount of money
– Work hard to have a certain amount of money

When you focus on the words “struggle” or “work”, you are not actually focusing on having. You are only focusing on “Doing” and “Feeling stressed while you do those things”. The less you attach one energy to another, the easier the universe can “just give you what you want easily without work”. The universe wants to give you anything you want “easily, instantly in a pleasurable way”. People create the construct of “work” and it gets in the way of the universe.

So to “have easily and instantly”, release, needing, waiting, lack and attachment to needing to work hard to have what you want. These energies can be released from you in a healing session. You also need to cultivate resourcefulness, understanding and taking the right actions to have what you want. Always remain thankful and relaxed. Stress, desperation and complaining will just waste your energy. Your energy is better spent in more constructive ways. These good energies can be healed and restored during a healing session as well.

If you want to heal your energy so that you can have what you want easily, then have a Light Axis Healing Session Today.

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Written by Max Mancer – Light Axis Healing


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