Skype Healings, Phone Healings and Remote Healings Are Just As Effective As In Person Healings.

This is Max Mancer from Light Axis Healing. People can receive my Light Axis Healing sessions Via Skype, Via Phone and Via Remote Healing. I do not offer In Person Healings at the moment. This is clearly stated on my website. This blog post is designed to help people to see that Skype Healings and Phone Healings are The Same As In Person Healings or Even Better Than In Person Healings.

I am often contacted by people seeking a healing, who have never experienced a Skype Healing, Phone Healing or Remote Healing. They sometimes ask the following questions:
“Why don’t you offer In Person Healing Sessions?”
“How does a Healing Work if I am not there In Person?”
“Is an In Person Healing Better than a Skype Healing or Phone Healing or are they the same?”
“Is a Skype Healing better than a Phone Healing?”
“What Is a Remote Healing?”

I will answer all these questions below.

“Why don’t you offer In Person Healing Sessions?”

I don’t offer healing sessions in Person anymore because I have found that the people who receive the best healing results are people who have had healings with me On The Phone or On Skype or Via Remote Healing. The reason is that people get better results when they are more relaxed. People are more relaxed in the comfort of their own home. When people came “In Person” to my healing clinic they were not as relaxed because they were entering a new environment and a meeting me for the first time, and so their natural defensiveness blocked the healing more. Also they were unnecessarily wasting time and energy to travel to me which caused tiredness, which wasn’t good for the healing either. Also when I worked with clients “In Person”, I did not touch them, and so we would sit on chairs facing each other, and therefore, there is no point to being in the same room, if we are not going to be touching anyways. I hope this makes sense.

“How does a Healing Work if I am not there In Person?”

Long Distance Energy Healings work on the premise that “All Energy Is Connected”. I know this to be true. I work with clients from all over the world and send healings to them, Via Skype, Via Phone and Via Remote Healing and they see good healing results. Reiki is the most “well known” form of Energy Healing. I am a Reiki Master. At its inception, Reiki was created with a “Distance Healing Symbol”, which means that Reiki is designed to be send at a distance. I have designed Light Axis Healing to be sent at a distance as well. It is possible to have a good effect on Healing Clients at a distance through their permission and through strong Good Healing Intentions and through my Healing Expertise. So you don’t need to be there in person in the same room as the healer to receive a healing.

“Is an In Person Healing Better than a Skype or Phone Healing or are they the same?”

My personal experience is that Skype Healings, Phone Healing and Remote Healings are better than In Person Healings for the following reasons:
-People who have Skype Healings, Phone Healings, and Remote Healings tend to trust more, believe more, surrender more and have more faith which leads to much better healings. They are also more relaxed in the comfort of their own home which leads to better results.
-If a Person thinks that they NEED to be “In Person” in the same room as the healer to Heal, then that is a Form Of Attachment or Neediness that will block the healing itself. This is because they are not truly trusting that all energy is connected.
-If you do In Person Healings, you will have to spend time, money and energy just travelling to the healer, and this is not necessary. Just focus on the healing itself in a Phone Healing or Skype Healing instead.

“Is a Skype Healing better than a Phone Healing?”
They are both the same. If you want to see me then you can see me Via video on Skype by doing a Skype Healing. A phone healing can also be great because you are just focused on communication and how you feel, and not on how you look on the screen.

“What is a Remote Healing or Distance Healing?
A Remote Healing or Distance Healing is one where you lie down in an undisturbed room by yourself at a time we both select I send the healing to you, without communicating to you during the healing. I email you at the end of the healing to let you know what I felt.

Reasons why it is great to have a Remote Healing Session:

1. You want to receive a healing passively while you rest without talking to the healer.
2. You want to surrender completely to let the healer do the healing, without you getting in the way.
3. You don’t have a computer, you can’t use Skype or a Phone Healing is not feasible.
4. You enjoy remote healings. You prefer them.
5. You don’t want to speak about your emotional issues because it triggers you too much.
6. You live too far from the healer.
7. You are too tired to do a healing on Skype or the Phone or you can’t talk.
8. You are buying a healing for a family member who cannot communicate, e.g. extreme mental illness, coma, dementia, young children.

If you have never had a Skype Healing or Phone Healing or Remote Healing, then I highly recommend and suggest that you have one, because it is a pleasant and blissful experience.

A Light Axis Healing Healing Session can help you to heal anything in your body, mind or emotions.

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Written by Max Mancer – Light Axis Healing


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