How to Enjoy The Journey.

How to Enjoy The Journey.

How to Enjoy The Journey.

You have probably heard it said before “Life is about enjoying the journey”. This blog post refers to this and what it means, and how to actually enjoy this journey of life.

It is important to have enjoyment because enjoyment is necessary to keep us healthy and alive. Without it, we get sad and unhealthy.

“The Journey” refers mainly to the journey of “life” that we take from birth to death. However the journey can also mean the journey we take when we are achieving goals. It is also the journey that we take in every moment, and the journey that we are taking right now in this present moment.

We all deserve to be 100% happy and satisfied right now in this present moment.

Enjoying the journey means that you allow yourself to enjoy yourself in the process of having a good result, or in the process of achieving things in life.

Things that limit or block our enjoyment of the journey are:
– Being attached to the destination. Needing to get to the desired result before you allow yourself to be happy.
– Waiting for the desired result, instead of making good use of your time by making things happen.
– Ego. Taking a “I am better than you” attitude, that limits the flow of good energy towards you.
– Complaining, limits our thankfulness
– Distractions
– Stress and Anxiety
– Laziness and giving up

To enjoy the journey:
– Allow yourself to enjoy yourself, before, during and after any desired results or destinations.
– Make things happen and make good use of your time, don’t wait for things.
– Learn to accept love that the universe bring to you. Don’t block it with your ego.
– Be thankful, it lets the love in, and then it helps you to have what you want.
– Stay focused on what is really important right now
– Feel relaxed and at ease enough now.
– Persevering and staying enthusiastic about your goals.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help you to release the negative blockages that prevent you from enjoying the journey. It will also help you to enjoy the journey more, and to enjoy yourself more in every moment now.

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Written by Max Mancer – From Light Axis Healing
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