The Evolution Plateau Effect

The Evolution Plateau Effect

When people are in a toxic state and then they receive a healing, they usually get “high” from the healing. They get a sense of euphoria or bliss because of the contrast between the toxic state and the healthy state of being. This is similar to working in a really bad job that you hate, all week, and then going out partying on the weekend to unwind. The contrast of stressful restrictive job compared to the freedom of partying will make people feel high.

When people are healthy, in the right career and doing jobs that they love and they have had many healings, then their energy is already high all the time, and healings may not create such a sense of bliss “due to contrast”. Partying also won’t create such a sense of temporary bliss either as their life is always continually blissful.

When people have done a lot of healing on themselves, their default energy state will be healthy and evolved. When people are healthy and evolved and they have a healing, they don’t always get this “high feeling due to the contrast of states”.

This is what I refer to as The Evolution Plateau Effect.

In other words, when you are evolved, you have reached an evolution plateau and you can continue to grow and have healings at that level, but you need to realise that healings at this level may have more subtle effects that will prolong and nurture your current existing level of evolution and help you to connect with more teachers and peers for further evolution.

Don’t feel annoyed that you are not getting a “high” from a healing. Don’t become a perfectionist that is impatient and complains about not enjoying themselves. Healings can be very individual experiences and they don’t always feel the same. Don’t judge healings or healers based on how different healings have worked for you in the past. Recognise that every healing you have ever had, has actually worked and helped you in some way.

Recognise that there is hope for more evolution and that you will connect with the next step on your path of spiritual growth.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help to heal your past, present and future.

Written by Max Mancer – From Light Axis Healing
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