The Importance of Tying Loose Ends and Moving Forward.

The Importance of Tying Loose Ends and Moving Forward.

The Importance of Tying Loose Ends and Moving Forward.

When we have a backlog of things to do, or documents to get through, then we can become stagnant and stuck. The energy of waiting for something to happen, before something else can happen, is also a very negative energy that makes us get stuck. When we are stuck, we get into lack, poverty, boredom, bad sleep patterns, depression, self doubt and loss of self control. When people make us wait for them, they are usually not going to follow through with their promises and will let us down. The act of waiting for someone to do someone can sometimes be a way that manipulative people put psychic cords into the person that is “left waiting” for them. In other words, just disconnect from someone instead of waiting for them.

Tying Loose Ends
A loose end is something that we know that we have to do, or have to find, but we are not doing it, and not finding it. We let it go and it remains as a loose end. It could also be something like we read a new word that we have never seen and we should look up its meaning, but we choose to not look up the meaning. The problem with these loose ends is that they remain as an infinite problem that needs to be solved. They waste our energy.

Eventually if you tie the loose end, and you “do what you have been putting off”, and you “find what you have been looking for”, and you “look up the meaning of that word”, then your energy is satisfied with the completion of this issue, and your energy is now Free to Move Forward with new tasks and experiences. THIS IS GOOD FENG SHUI (in terms of energy – not actual Chinese feng shui)

Being Organised
If we are messy in our house, then energy won’t flow properly. If we put a stack of books on top of a piano, then it will be harder and more annoying to play that piano, and so the enjoyment of playing the piano is blocked. It is important to be organised and clean, so that energy can flow properly. This can help us to have what we want.

It is important to do your best. Then the universe will do its best for you.
It is important to cultivate good energies within you, so that you can see a world that you are pleased with.

The more organised you energy is, the more ready you will become to receive good experiences.

Improving yourself will happen naturally as you tie loose ends and you are neat and organised.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help you to let go of stagnation and blockages in your life, so that you can move forward towards having what you want more quickly in a pleasant way.

Written by Max Mancer – From Light Axis Healing
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