Healing For Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is abbreviated to IBS.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a disease of the digestive system. It has many symptoms and causes.

Light Axis Healing can help to heal IBS. I have seen improvements in people with IBS after they receive healing sessions.

Problems that people experience as a result of IBS:
-Intolerance to specific foods and drinks
-Stomach and intestinal discomfort and pain
-Uncontrollable strong urges to excrete waste products from the body that happen at random times during the day
-Chronic fatigue
-Weight problems
-Sleeping too much or not enough
-Not absorbing nutrients
-Vitamin deficiencies

Reasons why people get IBS:
-Too much stress for prolonged amounts of time
-Working too hard
-Being overweight
-Unhealthy eating
-Not connected to self
-Not connected to the right people
-Surrounded by the wrong people
-Bad unhealthy boundaries with others
-Not being true to their feelings
-Self sabotage
-Changing self to be accepted by others
-Selling out
-Not being honest to self or to others
-The incorrect belief that money can buy happiness or love
-Manipulation and narcissism
-Problematic love life. Getting together and breaking up with a romantic partner many times
-Not letting go of negative emotions.
-Holding on to negative emotions
-Giving too much to others and not defending self

The main issues that I see in clients with irritable bowel syndrome are bowel discomfort, food intolerance, stressful lifestyle and problematic romantic relationships in the present and in the past. Also there is a sense of being distracted by doing too many things that are distracting the person from being connected to their joy. As a result they feel disconnected from everyone and themselves and this leads to nervous meltdowns.

If you have IBS then I highly recommend that you have several Light Axis Healing sessions because there is usually a lot of negative energy that has accumulated over time that needs to be let go of.

You will definitely require a lot of healing because you boundaries, perspectives, habits and decisions will have to change for the IBS to heal.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help you to heal your IBS and then you can have a healthier body and more functional digestive system.

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Written by Max Mancer – Light Axis Healing


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