Healing To Let Go Of The Illusion In Life.

Healing To Let Go Of The Illusion In Life.

Healing To Let Go Of The Illusion In Life.

The Illusion in life is anything that is less than 100% right for you, and anything less than your 100% happiness.
The Illusion causes people to not want to know who they are. It causes them to be blind to truth of what they want and what they don’t want. The illusion causes people to lie to themselves. People cause the illusion for themselves, and they participate in the illusion that already exists within the negative human mass consciousness.

The illusion is also created by:
Negative media
Negative government
Negative school systems
Negative groups and individuals
The vibrations of lies, disturbance, distraction and distortion

Only you can know what is 100% right for you and what is not 100% right for you. The 100% right energies, times and places and people are the ones that you want, like and enjoy and that make you healthy. There is a difference between a person who is 100% right for you and a person that is 50% right for you. The 100% right for you person, will have perfect synergy with you. They will be intelligent and make good decisions that will only benefit you. The person who is 50% right for you will inevitably cause difficulties in your life, because they will make bad decisions based on wrong perspectives and based on vibrating lower.

There will be energies, times, places and people in your work life, social friendship life, romantic life, family life and general acquaintance life.
It is important to measure where people, places, situations and objects are on the “Right For You” Scale. This scale starts at 100% right for you and then goes down to Zero% right for you and then I like to include the negative scale which can go down to -100% right for you which is the Wrong Spectrum. People who are -80% Right for you are Liars, Cheaters, Narcissists and Users. People who are -100% right for you are criminals in jail and psychotic people, that are not usually in society anymore. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who cheat on their partners and they are at the -80% right level for anyone.

People who are compulsive liars are lost in the illusion.
People who say one thing, but believe the opposite on their spiritual level, are actually disconnected from themselves and they are living in an illusion of “not having real happiness”

When everything and everyone around you is 100% right for you, you will be at optimal health and perfect “feng shui:”

Anything less than 100% right for you, is only an illusion of happiness.

Unfortunately a huge majority of people, are surrounded by people and situations that are less that 100% right for them. These people are suffering in bad marriages, toxic workplaces, and difficult living arrangements.

Unfortunately, in modern western societies, people are taught the negative energy of “Attachment”. Attachment is needing something to be happy. They are not taught the true spiritual reality which is that “We Are Happiness Unconditionally”. The media also projects an unrealistic expectation of what you need to do and become and achieve so that you can “allow yourself to be happy”. For example in high school you may be taught the fear of “if you don’t go to university”, you will never have a good career, or you may be taught by the media that you need “a specific number of friends to be happy”, otherwise you must live as a social outcast and be sad. Or you may feel pressured to get married and have children even if you haven’t found the right person, which leads to choosing to be with the wrong person, and then being really unhappy in the marriage. Ultimately people put pressure on themselves and people choose to put themselves into groups of people that are either judgemental or non-judgemental. People who have a lot of the negative energy of “attachment” can cause a lot of social pressure to other people, to try to get them to conform to pointless social norms, that don’t exist.

The difference between the illusion and reality

The Illusion of happiness is one where you live a life that is less than 100% happy.

Your body, mind and spirit have simple and easy requirements to be happy. There are also simple and easy rules and guidelines to “not hurt” your body, mind and spirit. One example is ALCOHOL. Alcohol is a poison to the body. The body does not want it. It is not possible to drink it in moderation, even if you have been taught that. You can’t drink poison in moderation. Your body hates alcohol. When you drink it, you will notice that you attract and have poisonous and bad experiences with the wrong people. If you let something bad into your body like alcohol on the microcosm, then you will also receive negative people and situations in the macrocosm. Most people have no awareness of this.

People are taught by parents, school, government, media and others, that the illusions of happiness is what you want, and is a desired outcome. Do you want energies, times, places, people and things that are less than 100% right for you? NO OF COURSE NOT. You want the real 100% right for you reality.

Know yourself. Know your true purpose. Live your true purpose. Get the right healing help if necessary. Achieve success and completion and celebrate.

As soon as you lose focus and awareness of what is 100% right for you, then you are starting the process of selling out, making bad decisions and this leads you to having energies times places and people that are less than 100% right for you.

STAY FOCUSED ON Energies, Times, Places and People that are 100% Right For You.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help you to know yourself, and help you to be more enlightened and help you to let go of all the negative conditioning and programming of school, parents, society and media. A Light Axis Healing Session can show you what your true purpose is, and guide you on how to live your true purpose successfully. A Light Axis Healing Session can show you how to meditate and stay focused on what is 100% right for you.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help to heal your past, present and future.

Written by Max Mancer – From Light Axis Healing
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