The Importance of Thankfulness

The Importance of Thankfulness

When we are genuinely thankful:

1. We allow ourselves to enjoy the experiences we are having in the present more. We stay more in the joy of now.
2. We have good expectations and we feel good.
3. We celebrate more.
4. We have what we want and we enjoy ourselves.
5. We can be calm when issues arise, and then find easy solutions and implement them without being fussed.
6. We stay focused on having what we want.

When we are not thankful:

1. We can feel apathy, numbness and empty.
2. We can complain, feel angry and become judgemental.
3. We can become erratic and create problems, without finding solutions.
4. We become focused on not having what we want.

It is good to be unconditionally thankful, so that we create a vibration of good expectation energy that is not attached to “seeing to believe”. This means that we make a conscious decision that we will be thankful unconditionally, and from that vibration will come experiences that we truly feel thankful for.

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Written by Max Mancer – From Light Axis Healing
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