How to Improve Yourself so that The Universe Can Help You More Easily.

Sometimes we beg for the universe to help us with things. Sometimes we beg for answers to questions. Sometimes we feel that the universe is not helping us, but it always is, it’s just that we sometimes have become so distracted and lazy, that we can’t see the help that is right in front of our eyes. Complaining and anger will block the flow of help from the universe.

The universe is always helping us. The problem is that sometimes we are not ready to receive the help.

For example, if our attention span is too small, then even if we are told the answer and solution by the universe, then we will forget it. In other words it helps the universe if we practice improving our mind and mental abilities, as it will be able to help us more.

Some good things to improve are:

– Your short term and long term memory recall.
– Your dream recall and dream interpretation abilities.
– Your Psychic Abilities.
– Your thought control.
– Improving how you integrate and use information that you are given.
– Your ability to learn anything in general.
– Your discipline and patience.
– Your thankfulness and allowingness.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help you to improve all of these areas and this will help the universe to support and assist you more in every aspect of your life.

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Written by Max Mancer – Light Axis Healing


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