How To Use your Intuition with your Common Sense.

How To Use your Intuition with your Common Sense.

How To Use your Intuition with your Common Sense.

Our intuition and common sense work together so that we can understand what is happening so that we can take the right actions and decisions so that we can have what we want.

Our Intuition will show us images and words that will help us to know what is “unknown” especially when we have not experienced it before. Our intuition will allow us to perceive and sense remotely so that we can feel what something is like before we do that thing. The better your intuition is, the more you can rely on it, however, it is important to balance your intuition with your common sense, or you could become lost in “false intuitions” that are coming more from your ego and what you want, and not from awareness of what is truly happening. For example you could be dating someone, and your inner paranoia, could affect your intuition and you might falsely accuse that person of cheating on you, even if that never really happened. In other words, your intuition needs to be backed up by the truth of what is happening in your physical experience, or you could be way off in your intuition.

Our common sense, comes from using our intelligence and what we already know, so that we can see the truth about what the patterns of experience are. For example if you are dating someone who doesn’t call you enough, then your common sense will see that pattern of “not caring” and you will let go of that person. However if you only rely on your intelligence and your common sense, then you may become blind to what your gut intuitions are telling you. For example you might be dating someone and they do call you enough for you to think that everything is fine, but your intuition may lead you to feel really worried about the relationship when that person is away. Your intuition could be guiding you to know about a real problem in that relationship.

It is important to use your psychic intuition and your common sense intelligence at the same time. Be prepared to enjoy knowing the truth about all things and about all others. This way you will be able to react honestly and to make good decisions and take good actions that will help you to remain happy in your life, regardless of what others are choosing to do.

The Light Axis Healing Courses increase your psychic intuition and common sense so that you can use them together in life, to become better at making decisions about people and situations which will inevitably make you more successful and better at having what you want.

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Written by Max Mancer – From Light Axis Healing
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