The Importance Of Having The Freedom To Leave Any Situation.

It’s okay to back out of any situation that you are in, or that you have agreed to, so long as it is done in the right way. It is okay to say no to a person and it is okay to say good bye to a person.

It is okay to let go of people who used to be friends, family or a partner, if they are no longer good for us.

It is okay to leave any environment whenever you want to.

It is important to always have an escape plan in any situation.

It is good to avoid situations where there is no escape plan, like enclosed environments like elevators, cars and vehicles. These environments can be tricky and rapidly become unsafe.

It is good to stay in control of the situation that you are in, and it is good to know how much flexibility you have when it comes to other people’s behaviour and it is good to know how you react and how you feel when people behave in different ways.

It is important to maintain your freedom and stay comfortable, so that you can function normally and be happy.

Don’t let yourself lower your boundaries, just because of money.

We interact with people, environments and situations, and usually at the beginning of those experiences we will see glimpses of the overall picture of the overall effect that this experience or person will have on us. We need to feel our true feelings and let go of people and situations that make us feel uncomfortable or that clash with us.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help you to leave negative people and situations easily. The healing can help you to understand what you are truly feeling and the healing will help you to have the freedom and courage to do what will make you feel happier.

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Written by Max Mancer – Light Axis Healing


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