Healing For People Who Feel Completely Lost.

Healing For People Who Feel Completely Lost.

Healing For People Who Feel Completely Lost.

Sometimes People Can Feel Completely Lost. This can be for many reasons. Light Axis Healing can help you to find your direction and purpose, and help you to feel more motivated and excited about the path forward in life.

I have found that people who feel lost, are actually overwhelmed with a whole bunch of negative emotions that they are bottling up.

Feeling Lost Can Be Caused By Any of The Following Negative Emotions:
Not knowing your true purpose
Not knowing what you truly want to do for work, job and career
Not having a partner
Feeling Overwhelmed
Feeling Constricted
Feeling Lack
Feeling Empty
Feeling Angry
Feeling Disappointed
Feeling Desperate
Feeling Lonely
Feeling Alone
Feeling Insignificant
Feeling Unloved
Feeling Not chosen
Feeling Stuck
Feeling Stagnation
Feeling Numb
Feeling Apathy

Below are some simple solutions for people who feel lost:

Find out your true purpose. This can be done in a Light Axis Healing Session. Know yourself. Know what you like and don’t like. Know what you want and don’t want. This is a vital step – in the process of letting go of that “Lost Feeling”.

Focus on recognizing the things and activities that you enjoy. Make sure that you are doing those things. Make sure that you have activities that you can do by yourself and other activities that you can do with others.

Focus on what you know and what you are good at and what your skills are. Focus on creating goals that incorporate that knowledge base and skill base. Then make a daily plan to help you to achieve those goals.

Be prepared to experiment and try new things. Only through trying new things, can you discover what things you really are passionate about, and what things and places you don’t like. Also your own talents and good qualities, will guide you in which things to try.

Be prepared to change: Be prepared to let go of people who are “Wrong For You” even if they are your current friends or partner. Be prepared to let go of a job or career – in a safe way, in the right way – if you are in the wrong career. Be prepared to start working towards a new career if necessary. Be prepared to travel if necessary.

Take small steps that lead to bigger accomplishments.

Let Go Of Attachment: A lot of people who feel lost Have an Attachment Problem. “Attachment” is telling yourself that you need something first before you allow yourself to feel happy. For example a common “Feeling Lost Issue” is when a person feels like they need to “Have a Romantic Partner before they feel happy”. So they force themselves to “feel lost” until they find their next relationship partner. They may tell themselves, “what is the point in staying in shape if I don’t have a partner”. They may tell themselves “What is the point in cooking or travelling if I don’t have a partner?”. This kind of “Attachment” leads to feeling lost, because a person is limiting themselves until they have a specific experience first. This makes people STUCK and feeling stuck can make you feel lost.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help you to Stop feeling lost and it can help you to clear Attachment and Stagnation and help you to move forward.

Written by Max Mancer – From Light Axis Healing
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