Healing For Headaches and Migraines.

Below are some reason why people might experience headaches or migraines.
-They are not coping with stress and anxiety.
-They are workaholics and push themselves too hard and they feel tired and burnt out.
-They are having a panic attack.
-They are out of balance
-They are unhealthy or sick
-They are in the wrong place with the wrong people
-They are moving in the wrong direction in life
-They are pushing themselves beyond their mental or physical limit. For example they could be studying a PhD degree at university and they can’t finish it because it is too hard. A physical example could be that a person is pushing themselves beyond their safe limits in a yoga class.
-They think that they want something that is actually not that good for them. In other words they have consciously decided to want something that they don’t really want spiritually. In other words they are going against themselves and confusing themselves and their spirit and mind are clashing causing a headache. For example if a woman really wants to continue to date “the wrong abusive man”, then she will probably have a big headache, as she is confusing herself, by “wanting what she doesn’t want”.

When we are interacting with people that are wrong for us, we can sometimes get a headache.

Severe migraines can cause people to have nausea, blurred vision and not be able to function at all for extended periods of time. There are many reasons why a person can get migraines. They are unique to each individual.

A Light Axis Healing Session help you to feel pleasure and calmness in your mind and brain and head. The healing will clear any negative energies, times, places and people that are in your experience, that are causing the headache. The healing will also correct your perspectives and “wants” so that you “want what you actually want” and so that you “want what is right for you and what makes you healthy”. This will take the headache away.

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Written by Max Mancer – Light Axis Healing


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