Three Natural Resources That Release Negative Energies

Three Natural Resources That Release Negative Energies

Three Natural Resources That Release Negative Energies.

These are three natural external tools that you can use to release negative energy from your environment and from your body:

2.White Sage
3.The Full Moon’s Light

1. Salt

Salt can be sprinkled in places to cleanse environments that have negative energy. The salt absorbs the negative energy and then you can sweep the salt away, along with the negative energy that it collected. Salt is made of many small crystals. Each crystal can absorb negative energy and it can also absorb entities and ghosts. Salt sends negative energy into the Earth where it is turned back into good energy.

Eating a pinch of salt can help to ground your energy.

Salt can also be used as a barrier of protection to prevent negative energy from getting in to your experience.

Salt can also be used to cleanse crystals.

2. White Sage

White sage is a plant. When you burn the dry leaves of white sage, it releases a strong smelling smoke. That smoke can be used in houses and environments to release entities and negative energy from those houses, but also from the people in those houses. You should use the white sage when there aren’t many people in the house, as the smoke is really strong smelling. Then you set the intention to release entities and then you can open up all the windows and doors so that you can get rid of the smoke smell. White sage can also be used to cleanse crystals.

3. The Full Moon

The Light of the Full Moon releases negative energy from everything and everyone once a month. This effect is really active on the night of the full moon, but also on the nights surrounding the night of the full moon. The effect is stronger when there are no clouds in the sky.

The full moon can be used to cleanse crystals, just like you can cleanse them in sunlight. The moonlight pulls out all of the negative energy from the crystals.

The full moon will release negative energies from people as well. You need to be careful if you go out on a full moon, because people can tend to be a bit weird and out of control, as they are releasing their negative energies in ways that aren’t always so nice. However most people are very good natured after the full moon has completely sucked out all their negative energy.

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Written by Max Mancer – From Light Axis Healing
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