Healing To Help With Prioritizing.

Healing To Help With Prioritizing.

Sometimes people feel lost because they don’t know the right order in which to do things. They might have lost all common sense as to what they should value first and what is most important.

Below is a list of things that can happen when people don’t know how to prioritize correctly:
1. They don’t value their money, or income or savings which is a direct result of not valuing their survival. These people can leave a job, without finding a new one first. These people can spend too much and waste their whole life savings in a month and then they have nothing. These people are reckless and careless and don’t value their ongoing health and survival.
2. When people have bad priorities, they have poor problem solving skills. They will say the wrong things, do the wrong things and misinterpret information.
3. When people have bad priorities, they will also have bad feng shui and might have the tendency to hold on to unnecessary things, and also hold onto stagnant stubborn thoughts and perspectives that block them from growth.
4. When people have bad priorities they will not be successful, and will have difficulty actualizing things and completing things. If this gets really bad then it can lead to mild mental illness.

Conversely, people who have good priorities:
1.Value their life and money.
2.Organize activities from most important to least important.
3.Make certain that they have the necessary resources, money and time, before they embark on a new activity.
4.Have good feng shui and only keep necessary things and are neat and tidy.
5.Tend to be more successful and complete things.
6.Are more focused and simplify things and make things easier so they are more achievable.
7.Have better timing and are better at coinciding with good opportunities.

When you have good priorities you can also stop yourself, and reassess whether you need something or not before you buy it. You can modify your plans so that you are more efficient. When you have good priorities, then you are usually upgrading things in life.

Overspending is probably the biggest problem that happens when someone has bad priorities. Sometimes people get ahead of themselves and start acting rich when they are not. There is a misconception that if you “act rich and buy all this expensive stuff, then money will flow in”. This perspective is delusional and crazy and things don’t work this way. The reason is that it has more to do with the vibration of abundance and actually creating the physical bridge to having the money you want and then you are physically wealthy and then you can “act rich all you want” because it is a true reflection of what you have. One way to improve this behaviour is to have better feng shui when spending. For example write a list of 4 or 5 things that you really need and want right now. These things should not be more than $500. Ok so maybe 4 of those things are like $50-$100 and one of those things is around $500. Go out one day and just buy everything on that list (if you have enough money). This will have the good effect of you completing something, and there is no longer anything that you want or need, which opens you up to a lot of fresh new energy.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help you to know what is the most important thing that you should be focused on now, and how to prioritize your life. The healing can help you to see where you are going wrong and where you are going right with your priorities. It can help you to organize your thoughts and life, and it can help you to complete things and be more successful.

Written by Max Mancer – From Light Axis Healing
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