Healing To Decrease Oversensitivity and Overreacting.

Healing To Decrease Oversensitivity and Overreacting.

Healing To Decrease Oversensitivity and Overreacting.

Awareness is power. If you can catch yourself, when you start to overreact because of oversensitivity, then you will be able to stay in control. It is better to stay in control of your emotional state.

There are many causes of oversensitivity and overreacting. Below are some causes.

Causes of Oversensitivity:

– Hormonal changes
– Having a very low tolerance to others different kinds of behaviour and being very set in what you think is normal for you and others.
– Being very isolated to the point where you are not exposed to changes in food, culture, and different lifestyles and behaviour.
– Having oversensitive parents, teachers, friends and partners and you have learnt some of your behaviour from them.
– Obsessive compulsive thoughts
– Fear of change
– Expecting all things to always be the same
– Always doing things in the same way, over and over, with no change.

Signs and Symptoms of Oversensitivity

– Limiting your life and freedom, because of negative behaviours of others in your past or present.
– Limiting your full potential because of what others have said to you.
– Being TOO SHY
– Being TOO AFRAID OF SOME LEVEL OF SOCIAL REJECTION, to the point where you no longer socialise.
– Having new allergies
– Being too insular
– Caring too much about what other people think
– Not caring enough about your true feelings

Causes of Overreacting

– Hormonal changes due to anything.
– Allowing yourself to be triggered by something in the present experience that resembles a previous traumatic experience.
– Being in the wrong place, in the wrong time, with the wrong people, where you have to defend yourself, or leave.
– Real negative situations
– Not real imaginary situations

The source of overreacting is usually feeling overwhelmed by a negative emotion, or feeling overwhelmed with the feeling of not being able to cope with something, or not being able to find a solution to a problem.

Emotions that can overwhelm us are:

– Feeling that you are Not Coping
– Feeling Anxiety
– Feeling Worried
– Feeling Stressed
– Negative Expectations
– Feeling Dread
– Feeling Fear
– Feeling Hatred towards others
– Feeling that there is no solution to a problem
– Feeling that time is running out
– Feeling that survival or safety is threatened
– Feeling that it is TOO HARD to have the result we want

Excessive uncontrolled, unwarranted emotional reactions, can disturb others, and can seem crazy.

Different Kinds of Emotional Overreactions:

– Excessive Sadness. For example a person might break into uncontrollable excessive crying after watching a sad movie scene. Another example is a person may cry all the time for seemingly no reason.

– Excessive Anxiety: For example a person may not leave their house because they are afraid of being hurt by others. This is an excessive negative expectation. People like this may retreat into themselves and become hyper-isolated.

– Excessive Anger: For example a person may become extremely bitter and become pessimistic about all others. This may make them a very cynical, difficult person, that is quick to criticise others. People like this can become bullies and become self destructive.

Healing For Oversensitivity:

The healing for oversensitivity, involves healing the reasons why you create irrational negative emotions and sensations in your body and mind.

Healing For Overreacting:

The healing for overreacting, involves understanding your true feelings about things, and others, and understanding your boundaries, and looking at what is healthy and beneficial for you in relation to your goals, and what is unhealthy and detrimental to in relation to your goals. You then clear all the things that trigger you. Also the healing for overreacting, involves releasing “being judgemental” which makes it easier to view others and other situations in a peaceful, equal way.

If your boundaries are healthy, then it is easy to have normal reactions, and easy to stay hormonally balanced.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help you to have the normal level of sensitivity and the normal level or reactions in your life. The healing will also help you to trust and be calm, which helps you to focus on easy solutions to problems.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help to heal your past, present and future.

Written by Max Mancer – From Light Axis Healing
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