Healing For Chronic Pain.

Healing For Chronic Pain.

Healing For Chronic Pain.

Pain is a response to something bad happening. For example when you burn your skin, your will feel pain. This means that the ability to feel pain can guide us away from negative situations. However life is not about feeling pain. It is about being happy and feeling pleased. Conversely not everything that gives us pleasure is good for us. For example it is pleasurable to eat a lot of food, but then we are overweight and can get health problems.

To have a body that is not in pain, we need to be careful, aware and in balance. Most diseases have an associated pain component.

There are Many Kinds of Pain:
– Emotional Pain
– Physical Pain
– Neuropathic Pain (a type of physical pain)
– Temporary Pain
– Chronic Pain

Emotional and Physical Pain

Physical disease is caused by emotional stuff. Problems start as emotional problems and then eventually they become physical problems. Physical pain is cause by emotional and spiritual problems. For example when people have migraines, a lot of the time it is cause by the fact that they are interacting with the wrong people in their life. I was doing a healing on a lady with migraines. She was dating an ex-partner who had been abusive to her. Her decision to continue to date him, was creating migraines. I did healing work on a man with knee pain, and it was clear that he had chosen the wrong business partner, and as a result he was moving in the wrong direction, and this is what lead to him falling over and hurting his knee.

Neuropathic Pain

This type of pain is usually cause by sickness or injury that leave a negative effect on the nervous system. It can cause random pain in different parts of the body. People who have experiences big sicknesses, accidents and trauma can feel this. Also drug addicts can get neuropathic pain as a result of withdrawal from drugs or even medication.

Temporary and Chronic Pain

Pain can be small, weak and temporary. This pain subsides as the body is healing. Pain can also be Chronic Pain. This is pain that doesn’t go away or seems to happen over and over again.

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain can be mild or really extremely painful. It can come and go during the day or it can be constant. It can be associated with specific activities or it can be there regardless of what you are doing.

Pain can be managed in many different ways. I offer the spiritual healing approach.

Light Axis Healing can help to heal Chronic Pain. I have seen clients heal completely from Chronic Pain in different parts of their body such as lower back sciatica and foot pain and migraines. Then you can life a pain free life.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help to heal your past, present and future.

Written by Max Mancer – From Light Axis Healing
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