How to Let Go of Really Disturbing Situations and People in the Best Way.

How to Let Go of Really Disturbing Situations and People in the Best Way.

How to Let Go of Really Disturbing Situations and People in the Best Way.

In general there are people who are beneficial for you and people who are detrimental to you. This blog post refers to how you can let go of those detrimental people that are creating detrimental and disturbing situations for you.

When you are in the middle of a disturbing situation with someone that you don’t like, it will make you feel bad and make you feel angry and sad because they are behaving in a bad way. Their behaviour will probably be very unprofessional and rude and dumb towards you.

Below are ways that you can let go of these really disturbing situations with these disturbing people.

1. Stay calm, don’t rage. Raging and getting really angry will just waste all of your time. Instead, be calm and stay focused on what the actual peaceful, legitimate and realistic solutions are to resolving this problem sooner than later. Anger will make you have negative intentions and it will make you focus on the problem. Being relaxed and peaceful will show you the best course of action. Anger will make you act without thinking. Being Peaceful will make you think before acting which is better for everyone involved.

2. Recognise the good of the situation and of the person involved. These people may have been rude or may have done something really wrong, but they might have also done something right that is still worthy of thanks.

3. Communicate in a pleasant and professional tone to these people, about what you want to happen, and why. Don’t start whinging and complaining yet. Allow for some time, so that they can communicate back to you as well.

4. Don’t wait for them, take actions that you can take now to feel better. If all else fails, and these disturbing people are not responding to communication, and they are making you wait for them – then you just need to start taking action towards having what you want from them. You may need to disconnect from them in a systematic manner in the right way at the right time, with specific actions taken in a very specific order

5. Recognise that when these annoying and disturbing people are making you wait for them, that this is actually a psychic cord or hook that they are trying to put in to you. Eliminate the waiting and disconnect from them.

6. The Plan. Be really careful about the order in which you do things. Don’t give these people the ability to stay connected to you, if you want to disconnect from them. Plan out what you are going to do and when so that you can tie all the loose ends of the situation in the easiest way and smallest amount of time. Once you have this plan, then your stress, anxiety and disturbed feelings will decrease and you will feel on top of the situation.

You can receive help with knowing the best way to let go of really disturbing situations and people from your life by having a Light Axis Healing Session. You will also be shown how to plan so that you can successfully disconnect from negative situations and people in the best and safest way.

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Written by Max Mancer – From Light Axis Healing
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