Healing To Stop Procrastination.

Healing To Stop Procrastination.

Healing To Stop Procrastination.

Healing Sessions Can Help You To Stop Procrastinating.

Sometimes people can feel stuck. They might feel that they are always waiting for good things to happen and they never do. They might feel stagnant, numb and lazy, with no motivation or enthusiasm to move forward. People can also feel lost. When people are stuck and lost, they tend to procrastinate and “not do things” which leads to “not learning and not progressing”. Procrastination is a big problem for individuals within society. When people make excuses to not do what they enjoy, this is a big self-sabotage. This is bad. Some people feel disillusioned when they are older, because they regret not having done things that they wanted to do when younger. The good news is that there is always plenty of time to do things right now.

There are many emotional issues associated with procrastination and feeling stuck such as:
-Previous Trauma that holds people back.
-Waiting for things to happen.
-Lack of courage.
-Lack of Readiness.
-Not giving and receiving.
-Not doing anything.
-Not being resourceful.
-Not having a daily plan.
-Not having clear goals.
-Lack of focus.
-Not feeling motivated.
-Not feeling enthusiastic.
-Not feeling excited.
-Sleep problems.
-Making excuses to not do things.
-Waiting to have the money before allowing themselves to enjoy themselves.
-Not doing what they can right now. Not being resourceful. There is a lot you can do and achieve on a small budget.
-Becoming attached to needing a partner to be happy, and then not allowing themselves to be happy when they are single, or feeling. that they are not normal and wrong when they are single.
-Being pessimistic and a defeatist that gives up easily every time something doesn’t go their way.
-Not taking action.
-Fear of rejection. Fear of acceptance.
-Not recognising the good improvements that happen.
-Negative expectations.
-Fear of Success. Fear of failure.
-Not setting realistic goals.
-Not letting go of wrong things and wrong people.
-Being hurt by a person or situation in the past and letting that stop them.
-Not truly knowing what they want.
-Feeling that the learning curve is too steep or there is too much to learn or to do. Not breaking large tasks into smaller tasks.

The first step in healing procrastination is to clear the negative emotional states (listed above) that make “doing nothing” feel like an option. Once the weight of all these negative emotions has been cleared, then it is easier to set goals and achieve them.

The second step in a healing for procrastination is to figure out what your goals are and then write an appropriate daily plan to help you to do what you need to do, to achieve those goals.

Choosing Your Goals.

The process of choosing your goals is very easy. First you need to know who you are and what your true purpose is and what direction you want to move in. If you are uncertain about your true purpose or direction in life, then you should have a Light Axis Healing Session, and you will understand your True Purpose better. You then will choose goals that reflect your happiness and activities you enjoy. You must be careful to choose goals that relate to your good qualities and also be careful to set goals that are possible for you to reach.

Writing a Daily Plan.

Once you have chosen your goals, then you should write a daily plan that helps you to focus on the day to day activities that will help you to achieve you goals. This daily plan should be a list of 10 or less things that you do on a daily basis. This will help you to improve daily. You are probably already doing many good things on a daily basis. These are your pre-existing good habits. A daily plan should be a list of activities that you have procrastinated over and have not yet developed a good habit of doing. The daily plan reminds you to stop procrastination and helps you to focus on doing. A Light Axis Healing Session can help you to write a good daily plan.


Every Daily Plan should include Meditation. You should meditate daily. Meditation should be done using carefully chosen positive affirmations. This will help to improve the quality of focus in your mind. This will make you more proactive, more productive and more successful.

A Light Axis Healing can help you to have the courage and motivation to do what you need to do to move forward, which will bring happiness and satisfaction in life right now.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help to heal your past, present and future.

Written by Max Mancer – From Light Axis Healing
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