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The Psychic Development Course is Done Via Skype.
After you send payment, send an email with your request to and we will reply to you as soon as possible. Payment must be received prior to work commencing. No guaranteed results, no refunds. See our great testimonials. Thank you.

The course is done over 2 consecutive days. Each day is 5 hours long. It goes from 9am – 2pm or 10am – 3pm with no lunch break, or you can add a 1 hour lunch break and it stretches out for another hour.

You get a course manual and a certificate at the end to say that you were trained by Max Mancer. You will need to practice though on yourself and others to gain experience.

By doing this Course, You will gain the Skills to do Psychic Readings on others, and use this to have Another Income Stream.

Total cost is: $399 AUD

The course outline is as follows:


– Introduction
– The Chakra System
– Diagram of Basic Chakra System
– Initial Healing Into The Crown Chakra
– Exercise 1 – Psychic Intuition
– Exercise 2– Psychic Intuition
– Definition of God
– Your Higher Self
– Free Will
– Definitions
– Exercise 3 – Grounding Your Energy and Opening Chakras
– The Psychic Senses
– Astrology
– Numerology
– Mediumship
– How to do a Psychic Reading with Tarot Cards
– How to do a Psychic Reading without Tarot Cards
– Exercise 4 – Do a Psychic Reading with Tarot Cards
– Exercise 5 – Do a Psychic Reading without Tarot Cards


– Working as a Psychic Reader
– Business
– Important Things to Know when working with clients
– Delivering a Psychic Reading to a Client
– Different Types of Clients
– Exercises – Psychic Booster Exercises
– Extra Reading Material

After you have done the Psychic Development Course once, then you can redo the course at any time, at the lower Repeat Price of $349 AUD for the course, instead of the original price.

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Psychic Development Course = $399 AUD

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