A miracle is when something good happens. The circumstances of that thing happening make it even harder to believe or understand how it could have actually happened. It makes no sense and yet you are left in awe at the amazing physical experience you are having. It is as if all good things are coinciding and creating a wonderful miraculous experience for you.

Any improvement to your health or situation is a miracle.

Sometimes healing takes a direct and instant path and people witness an instant healing. Sometimes healing takes a curved path that requires time and various healing experiences before the total healing is complete.

The simplest prayer can create a massive miracle.

I think that people have a stereotypical idea of how healing works based on what they have seen on TV. They probably think that there is this one person with all the power and that they just snap their fingers and their illness will be gone. This is not a healthy or realistic way of looking at healing. Each individual healer works in a different way.

Sometimes there is an instant healing, but sometimes the healing process take longer, because there might be blockages within the persons mind or emotions that need time to be released, because the person needs to become ready to release those ways of being over time. Usually however, people who are looking for healing are ready to heal right now.

Light Axis Healing is a comprehensive and effective healing system. It is the closest thing to a real miracle cure that I know.

Written by Max Mancer – Light Axis Healing


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