The Benefits of Having Regular 2 Hour Healing Sessions.

The Benefits of Having Regular 2 Hour Healing Sessions.

The Benefits of Having Regular 2 Hour Healing Sessions.

Hello my name is Max Mancer. I work as a Spiritual Healer. I do a form of healing that I developed called Light Axis Healing. I have done Thousands of Healing Sessions on people from all over the world in the past 17 years. All my clients see improvements. I have seen people heal completely of many things. I have seen people heal of emotional issues such as anxiety and depression. I have seen people heal of physical issues such as back pain and migraines. I have seen people heal from so called “Terminal Illnesses”.

2 Hour Healing Sessions

We offer 2 Hour Healings on the Light Axis Healing Website. We have found 2 Hours to be the ideal timeframe for a Healing Session. A 1 hour healing is never enough time. 2 Hours gives people enough time to get to their core issues and root causes, so that the healing can work and be satisfying. 2 Hours allows us to use the 7 Light Axis Healing Techniques, and it gives you enough time to really talk and get things off your chest, and still have time to receive the energy healing.

Benefits of Having Regular 2 Hour Healing Sessions:

It is a misconception portrayed in the media, that “all Healing Sessions work Instantly and in 1 session”. Sometimes a healing works instantly, but more often than not, it takes many regular healing sessions to see the result that you want to see. This is because most people who have emotional or physical issues, can have hundreds of layers of negative belief systems embedded in their consciousness. It can also take time and repetition to change habits and deep seated perspectives and ways of being. In other words people also heal slowly over time. Please don’t give up if you don’t see a good result in one session, because you may have many layers of negative energy that have to be cleared in several sessions. The clients that I have seen change the most, are clients that have had more than 20 healing sessions. In fact my best clients have had over 40 healing sessions with me. Some of these regular clients have had over forty 2 hour healing sessions within a 6 month period, others have had more than forty 2 hour healing sessions with me within the space of a year or so. Regular healing sessions, speed up your evolution. It is better if you receive healing sessions regularly each week or every couple of days, in succession so that you increase healing momentum, and so that you don’t lose healing momentum. Different negative energy layers will be released from you with each individual healing that you do. Each healing is unique. There is no obligation to commit to having many regular sessions, But we recommend and suggest that You should commit to at least 10 Regular Healing Sessions.

Having Regular Ongoing Light Axis Healing Sessions can help you to heal more and be happier in your life.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help to heal your past, present and future.

Written by Max Mancer – From Light Axis Healing
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