The Benefits of a Having a Remote Healing Session.

The Benefits of a Having a Remote Healing Session.

The Benefits of a Having a Remote Healing Session.

People can receive Light Axis Healing sessions in a variety of ways. People can receive healings Via Skype, Via Phone and Via Remote Healing.

What is remote healing? How does it work?

A remote healing is a healing that is sent to person at a specified time, without needing to speak to them, and without seeing them. When I send a remote healing to a client, I get them to tell me first what they want to heal so that I can prepare for the healing session. We then select a time for the healing. Then I email them at the time of the healing to let them know the healing has begun. I email them at the end of the healing session to let them know that the healing has ended. I tell them via email, what I healed in their energy at the end of the healing, via email.

To receive the healing, I instruct my clients that they should either sit or lie down, in an undisturbed room by themselves so they are relaxed and receptive as they receive the healing passively. Sometimes a client falls asleep, and this is okay, because they will still receive the healing. A ball of healing energy is sent to the client and it enters through their crown chakra and is absorbed into their body during the healing session, and continues heal them until their body has absorbed the healing completely.

When I send a remote healing to a client, I am tuning in to their energy, via empathy, to feel what they are feeling. I superimpose my energy onto theirs, so that I can feel what they feel. I heal their energy from the top of their head at the crown chakra, down to the soles of their feet and their root chakra. I do all the 7 Light Axis Healing Techniques on them without needing to speak to them. I release negative beliefs, feelings and vibrations from them, and I bring in the good replacement energies into their body and energy.

Remote healings have grown in popularity.

Reasons why it is great to have a remote healing session:

1.You want to receive a healing passively while you rest.
2.You enjoy remote healings. You prefer them.
3.You don’t have a computer, you can’t use Skype or a Phone Healing is not feasible.
4.You live too far from the healer.
5.You are too tired to do a healing on Skype.
6.You are buying a healing for a family member who cannot communicate, e.g. extreme mental illness, coma, dementia, young children.
7.You don’t want to speak about your emotional issues because it triggers you too much.
8.You want to surrender completely to let the healer do the healing, without you getting in the way.

How can remote healings work? What kinds of healing results do you get from a remote healing, compared to results you get from healings On Skype or healings in person?

Remote healings work because all energy is connected. Energy is not separated by distance. There is no difference in the quality of healing session between remote healings, or healings on Skype or healings done in person. They are all equal. In fact remote healings can be better because people surrender more, and are more relaxed. Some of my best healing results have come from doing remote healings. I have seen people come out of coma, and people heal of dementia as a result of remote healings I have done. I have also seen relationships heal as a result of remote healings.

If you have never had a remote healing, then I highly recommend and suggest that you have one, because it is a pleasant and blissful experience. Remote Healings are sometimes referred to as Distance Healings, or Distant Healings.

A Light Axis Healing Remote Healing Session can help you to heal anything in your body, mind or emotions.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help to heal your past, present and future.

Written by Max Mancer – From Light Axis Healing
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