2 Hour Seichem Healing Sessions

Every healing client has been happy with the results of their Seichem Healing Session. Max Mancer does the healing sessions. He works from Sydney Australia. International clients can receive the healing sessions via Skype or Phone or Remotely. Skype is preferred.

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Light Axis Healing Payment Options

You can decide how you receive the healing. 1.Skype 2.Phone 3.Remotely
After you send payment, send an email with your request to and we will reply to you as soon as possible. Payment must be received prior to work commencing. No guaranteed results, no refunds. See our great testimonials. Thank you.

You will also receive a short 5 minute psychic reading during the healing session.

We also offer a Seichem Course for people who have completed the 4 Light Axis Healing Courses. The Seichem Course is 1 day long and goes for 6 hours. You get a Seichem Level 1 Certificate, a Seichem Level 2 Certificate and a Seichem Master Certificate. The price of the course is $249 AUD. We recommend that all our Light Axis Healing Students do this course as well.


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2 Hour Seichem Healing Session = $200 AUD
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To Book A Healing Session, Psychic Reading or Course:
Contact: Max Mancer
Phone: 0403 921 752
International Phone: Int’l Country Code +61 403 921 752

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