Healing To Stop Negative Self Talk.

Healing To Stop Negative Self Talk.

Healing To Stop Negative Self Talk

Negative Self Talk is something that a lot of people experience. Negative self talk is when say negative statements about themselves. Some people do it more than others. Negative self talk can be conscious and verbal, or conscious and using the inner mental voice or it can also be an unconscious voice which can sometimes seem like it is coming from an external source or another person. This unconscious negative self talk is not to be confused with auditory hallucinations that some people with mental illness experience.
Some examples of conscious negative self talk that is either verbalised or said internally:
“I’m an idiot”
“I always date the wrong people”
“I’m a failure”

These negative statements seem benign, but when people say and believe in these statements, then they will start to create the reality of the people.
You have probably heard people using negative self talk after they make mistakes as a form of self punishment.
Some more examples of negative self talk are:
“Life is hard”
“I’m not normal’
“It’s really hard to find a partner”
“I don’t know”
“I can’t do that”
“Driving is not my forte”
“I don’t have enough money”
“I don’t have enough time for that”

Conscious negative self talk can also take the form of questions such as:
“Why do bad things always happen to me?
“Why is it hard for me to have a partner?”
“Why isn’t this happening yet?
These negative questions serve to focus the mind on negative statements of:
-Bad things always happen to me
-It is hard for me to have a partner
-It isn’t happening yet

Unconscious negative self talk is more tricky. It can be formed by thoughts about how we think we are being perceived by others.
Someone might think that they are “disrespected by others” so they may create negative self talk unconscious thoughts in their aura like:
“I don’t like you”
“You’re weird”
It may seem that this unconscious negative self talk is coming from someone else but it is just a negative self program.

In severe cases, negative self talk can ruin a person’s life.

The Good News
Negative self talk can be healed with Light Axis Healing and replaced with good self talk. There is also an emotional component to this healing because good emotions must be healed to complement the healing done on the mind. The good emotions that are healed are:
-Self worth
-Feeling Safe
-Feeling Respected
-Feeling liked and loved and supported
-Feeling Strong
-Feeling Big
-Feeling Confident
-Feeling Pleased

A Light Axis Healing Session will help you to heal your negative self talk and instil a new perspective of good self talk, which will improve your life in every way.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help to heal your past, present and future.

Written by Max Mancer – From Light Axis Healing
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