The Importance of Clearing Your Shadow and Your Core Issues.

The Importance of Clearing Your Shadow and Your Core Issues.

The Importance of Clearing Your Shadow and Your Core Issues.

We all have a true purpose in this life. This is a good energy that we express in many lifetimes. Conversely people can carry negative issues with them for long periods of time and several lifetimes. This is their “shadow”.

The Shadow.
Examples of a shadow are a person could have anger issues or phobias in many lifetimes. Sometimes these shadow aspects are really disturbing like a woman could have a shadow in which she is abused verbally by her husband in many lifetimes, or a man is betrayed by his sister in many lifetimes. No matter what the shadow is, it MUST BE CLEARED and healed so that a person can heal their diseases or illnesses or issues.

Core Issues.
Cores issues are the real issues that are causing a problem, disease or illness for a person. They can only be reached by clearing the surface layers of a person’s issues first. Core issues can be closely related to the disease, for example emotional pain causing a physical pain, or core issues can be more obscure, for example a person experiencing lack in their life, might have core issues of “laziness” or of “not improving what they are doing”.

There are usually several core issues that can be cleared in a healing session. You can only get through so many layers of negative energy within 1 healing session. This is why people should continue to have healing sessions until all the layers of their negative energy are cleared, and all of their core issues have also cleared.

Good Results
When someone is actually ready to heal, then they will let go of their shadow aspects and their core issues, and they will experience good emotional and physical improvements.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help you to clear your Shadow and Your Core Issues so that you can experience Maximum Healing Results.

Written by Max Mancer – From Light Axis Healing
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