Healing for Insomnia and Better Sleep Patterns.

Healing for Insomnia and Better Sleep Patterns.

Healing for Insomnia and Better Sleep Patterns.

Insomnia is a word that describes a spectrum of sleep disturbances.
Sleep issues can be very frustrating to people who are dealing with them. These sleep issues can range from small sleep disturbances to not being able to sleep at all. Sleep is a time when our mind switches off and our body repairs itself. Without sleep, people will feel tired the next day. Prolonged periods of no sleep can make a person go crazy (lose sanity, lose thought control) and also can lead to having a blackout while driving, or having health issues.

When a person hasn’t slept well, they will not be able to feel awake. Their body and immune system will be really tired, even if they tell themselves that they are awake. As a result of being really tired, it becomes hard to relax and enjoy each moment. This prolonged state of tiredness can lead to moping all the time, depression, being aggressive or rude to others for no reason and a sense of “giving up and feeling defeated” and pessimism.

As a healer I recommend at least 8 hours of undisturbed sleep each night. This will be enough time for the mind to go into deep sleep and recharge.

There are usually traumas associated with a person’s sleep issues.

Below are some reasons why a person may have sleep issues.
-They experienced a trauma at night time and are triggered at night and can’t sleep.
-They feel unsafe all of the time, because of a trauma in the past, and therefor they feel like they need to be awake and “on the ball” to be safe. Sleep equals vulnerablility and they shouldn’t do it.
-They are highly strung and unable to relax.
-They overthink things, and think too much at night, and can’t stop thinking at night.
-They are too focused on controlling the process of sleep, and not in a good habit of surrendering to letting go, and disconnecting, and losing consciousness.
-They are too excited or agitated.
-Neuropathic stresses due to alcohol or drug issues in the past.
-Doing too much in the day to the point where they are burnt out.
-Holding on to too much negative energy.
-Taking on other people’s stuff, taking responsibility for everyone else all the time.
-Being too close to others, with poor boundaries. Not enough definition of “that is you” and “this is me” and they don’t mix that much.
-Being surrounded by really manipulative people that are putting psychic cords into them, like family members.
-Being a workaholic and sacrificing their health to get more money
-Not having a creative outlet.

The good news is that people can heal from insomnia. Sleep patterns can improve and do improve, once a person has let go of all their negative stuff that they have accumulated.

A Light Axis Healing Session help you to heal your insomnia.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help to heal your past, present and future.

Written by Max Mancer – From Light Axis Healing
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