Stay focused on your self, your journey and think about having what you want and your enjoyment.

Don’t think about:
– People you don’t like
– Places you don’t like
– Negative memories
– Negative expectations
– Negative scenarios

When you think about people that vibrate very low, you will feel what they are feeling and it will irritate you, so don’t think about them.

Being too stubborn and inflexible can also keep you in a negative energy and not allow good energies to come in. It is important to be in control of the experience you are having, but be flexible enough so that you don’t become stubborn.

Don’t accept negative energy from others. Have strong boundaries and defend those boundaries when necessary.

Don’t choose to put yourself in situations where you are judged by others. Don’t go to places where people are enjoying poisons because the negative side effects of those poisons will spill onto you.

Recognise that negative energy people tend to come together and form clusters in specific places at specific times. You should avoid those places and times. Similarly good energy people congregate in places and times and you should go there instead.

If you find your self in a place with negative people, then leave that place. If you can’t leave, then defend yourself.

Be as aware as possible when in public, so you can avoid negative people.

– Watching or reading negative sensationalised news and gossip
– Violence in movies

Recognise that most of the negative news reports that you see, are experiences that negative people chose to create for themselves and this has nothing to do with the good experience that you are creating for your self. A good thing to do is to stop watching TV for a whole month, to give you a great break from negative energy in the media.

A good way to release negative energy and have more good energy is to have a Light Axis Healing Session. Namaste.

Written by Max Mancer – Light Axis Healing


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